ClickFunnels Website vs WordPress Website With Blog?


ClickFunnels Website vs WordPress Website With Blog?

Hey guys,

I had a traditional website for a while now and I like it, but I want to build my website now as a Sales Funnel. On the other hand I’m still a fan of blog posts and think this is something that gives potential clients more trust in your service. I work as a marketing and sales strategist and the blog is something that helps people to understand that I know my doing.

So I was thinking. How do you see it? Blog or no blog? Can you create a blog with ClickFunnels? Or WORDPRESS website and blog on a separate platform? Just a lead magnet instead of the blog? What are your thoughts on this in general?

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Ali Akkas 2 years 1 Answer 0

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  1. Blog is where you write. A Sales Funnel is where you repurpose the content into a lead magnet like white paper or video series and that’s where you turn eyeballs into leads and identify those leads into buyers and ascend those buyers who has a lot of pain into hot buyers and convert those hot buyers into loyal fans and hopefully can be your buddy and mastermind group.

    You can have a WordPress Website consisting of Blog, Online Store and Capture forms under one roof. WordPress can be integrated with MAILERLITE and other email lists so a WordPress website will serve as a Blog and Lead Generation in a single setup.


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