ClickFunnels Vs WordPress?


ClickFunnels Vs WordPress?

Let’s hear UNBIASED pros and cons of WordPress vs. ClickFunnels. (Doesn’t include Russell and his training, I’m talking about the platforms only)


– Only comment if you have experience using both.
– Do NOT comment if you are a WordPress or ClickFunnels fanatic.

clickfunnels vs wordpress

I think this will benefit a lot of people who want to know which platform works best for their specific situation.

You Should also answer some basic about ClickFunnels And WordPress Including:

  1. How good is CF for data on traffic, conversions etc vs other options
  2. What type of numbers would you suggest before A/B ex 200 visitors? Or would you A/B test from the start?.
  3. What other key features and benefits are there with using CF landing pages
  4. Would the winning design/layout be easy to move to a more permanent site (ex WordPress)

Thanks for your thoughts, insights and input

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  1. It’s not! Because you can use so many plugins to do the same shit! For less! Only thing Clickfunnels have is a great affiliate program. I use Thrive Themes plugin on my WordPress I payed $60 for the tool and i do more. I can see Paying all that cash for backpack and actionatics but if you got it like that I’m not hating. But you can do the same shit with Thrive Themes go to YouTube and do a compare and contrast Thrive Themes vs Clickfunnels both have it’s + & – you have to make the choice and your wallet do also. You can make funnels web pages lead magnets the whole 9. Shit i got that attractive character also! Lol.
    I was just fooling around with thrive themes

  2. Clickfunnels is great to use aside from your WordPress site because if you stuck with your marketing and get the domain blocked by ad account it wont effect your whole brand..

    ClickFunnels doesn’t have quite as steep a learning curve to get simple funnels going so is probably somewhat more accessible for beginners..

    ClickFunnels Vs WordPress Which One Is Better? They are both good and depends what you want to do I guess.. That said, they both will do the same things.. I guess it just depends on how you use them as to get the most out of them.

    A WordPress site you can get up and running for next to nothing, and also keep running and maintain for peanuts.

    You do get the trial period with ClickFunnels but after that you are paying $100 a month..

    So unless you are actually actively recruiting referrals or actively using your pages to generate more than that every month you will be looking at probably $90 p/m extra using ClickFunnels than you would with WordPress depending on how you have your hosting & etc set up..

    But as I said, I would really say it comes down to what you are wanting to accomplish.

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