ClickFunnels Vs WordPress For Landing Pages And Sales Funnel?


Which Is Best For Landing Page And Sales Funnel?Some People Recommends Me ClickFunnels But I Had Seen It Is Costly. What You Guys Are Using For Landing Pages And Sales Funnel. Who uses ClickFunnels? Is WordPress A Good Alternative To ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels Vs WordPress For Landing Pages And Sales Funnel

What Tools You Guys Recommend If I Want To Create Landing Page And Sales Funnel With WordPress?

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  1. That depends on what you want in real life. You got to define the purpose of having one over the other. ClickFunnels make the sales easier for you to chase money, build a tribe & go-wide/go-deep. WordPress can do all that of course but you are limited with time consuming & at the end is up to you which way you want to go.

    Actually I think you should go with ClickFunnels . Just so you can even appreciate how much more customizable WordPress makes your Landing Pages And Sales Funnel.WordPress is flexible and customisable beyond Your Thinking.  If you use pro Tools like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads it makes it a lot simpler when it comes to the design and layout optimisation. Full WYSIWYG compatible. ThriveThemes have an awesome A/B Testing tool also.

    With WordPress you can now do everything you can in ClickFunnels and extend it in anyway imaginable. Except payment but there are tons of carts and tolls to accept payment With WordPress. WordPress does have a bigger learning curve though.

    I use Thrive Themes. It’s the best page builder for WordPress. Amazing in fact. You still need to do payment though and for that I use ThriveCart. Also use ClickFunnels for some funnels when it’s client requirement. I would imagine that a lot of people that use ClickFunnels are not used to building things from scratch. For someone that knows what they are doing in WordPress they will always recommend WordPress.

    Here are some great plugins and tools for WordPress sales funnel:

    • Thrive Architect: Thrive Architect for Landing page building is excellent and there are a few different funnel plugins that work like ClickFunnels.
    • Thrive Leads: The Best Lead generation Plugin For WordPress. Thrive Architect Along With Thrive Leads Is The Actual Tools You Need To Make A Sales Funnel Or Lead Generation Landing Page.
    • Thrive Cart: One Of The Most Beautiful, Simple Easy To Use Cart System To Accept Payment For Your Product. It Has  A Life Time Deal Nearly $500. So You Never Gonna Pay $300 Monthly Like ClickFunnels.
    • Aweber: One Of The Best Email Management System For Your Sales Funnel And Landing Page. Email Automation, Split Testing, Tagging, AutoResponder Follow Ups, Subscriber Segmenting, Email Tracking Are Some Of The Great Feature Of Aweber. Email Management System Is Required For A Successful Sales Funnel. Remember That You Still Aweber Like Email Management System Even If You Use ClickFunnels Instead Of WordPress For Sale Funnel Making.
    • ThriveCart: The Payment Processing System to Accept Payment Directly From Your Sales Funnel. Has Coil features Such Has Upsell Downsell To Bump Up Your Revenue

    The beauty of building landing pages and sales funnel yourself (if you can) is that you get to choose what you integrate with it. With Thrive Themes tools you can build a webpage, sales Funnels, quiz builder, landing pages, opt-in page. Thank you page. You can probably build you a house page if you wanted to. No monthly payment plus you can has better landing page design or sales funnel. It’s all good if you can afford almost $200 a month then good luck.

    It Is a blessing that WordPress Along With Thrive Themes exist and with Thrive Architect i build funnels. Its the best landing page builder i have used in a long time no monthly fee.

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  2. ClickFunnels Vs WordPress

    • WordPress is not only a superior product, but it is free.
    • Even the top affiliates for ClickFunnels don’t use it. Especially now with the free built-in page builder in WordPress.
    • Very very few people prefer ClickFunnels over WordPress. Almost none. People simply get paid to promote ClickFunnels whereas WordPress is free.
    • WordPress literally powers 20% of the entire internet. Whereas ClickFunnels only has less than 100k subscribers.
    • The ClickFunnels software and the idea of a “click funnel” in general are specifically targeted towards noobs who don’t know anything about digital business.
    • There isn’t a single place in which ClickFunnels is better than WordPress.
    • Even the comments of it being easier to use ClickFunnels that are being posted here, are being posted by people who don’t actually build websites and have no clue.
    • There were millions of funnels built on WordPress before ClickFunnels was even thought of. Even today, 99% of funnels are not built in ClickFunnels.

    The most successful sales funnel builders don’t use ClickFunnels because:

    #1. the ClickFunnels affiliate program offers a 40% recurring commission. So there are plenty of articles, posts, videos, courses, webinars, etc promoting it.

    #2. You will be targeted by these marketers selling ClickFunnels through various means.

    WordPress is best over ClickFunnels because:

    WordPress is the best for SEO. You have a lot of plugins to use so that you get traffic to your store whereas Clickfunnels is a selling page but WordPress has similar plugins so ClickFunnels is not mandatory in today’s world and don’t be pressurized in getting one. After all, SEO is what matters for longterm rather than paid ads for promotions in which you might run out of profits in the long term.

    Why Use WordPress?

    WordPress is more reliable and pages load faster than ClickFunnels, using thrive themes and thrive cart you can do the exact same thing as ClickFunnels but can also offer PayPal at the same time. ClickFunnels has lost me so many sales due to issues, ClickFunnels is only good if you do not want to invest in a WordPress site.
    ClickFunnels is a done for you system gear by experienced marketers while with WordPress is a tool that you build from scratch and you need to have vast experience in online marketing and some technical knowledge.

  3. ClickFunnels is a great straightforward funnel system which encompasses the payment gateways, the email triggering, and upsells, etc.

    ClickFunnels at some point has limitations. Which is intended on their part because they don’t claim to be just a landing page or just a website or need SEO. But it also limits the functionality and UX based on their templates and minimal custom coding.
    why clickfunnels is the best sales funnel software

    WordPress is a complex open sourced project that allows for many things. If you don’t know what your aim is, you will fail with WordPress. But with some smarts, investing some extra time or coding you can have a purposed website, blog, funnel, or landing page.

    WordPress can be a bitch to work out if you don’t have a focus. there is code involved and you can break shit quick.

  4. What’s The Difference Between ClickFunnels And WordPress?

    1. WordPress is a highly capable and flexible CMS. Clickfunnels is a glorified page editor to help you manage traffic to and from said pages.
    2. Clickfunnels Doesn’t have quite as steep a learning curve to get simple funnels going so is probably somewhat more accessible for beginners.
    3. A WordPress site you can get up and running for next to nothing, and also keep running and maintain for peanuts. You do get the trial period with clickfunnels but after that you are paying $100 a month.

    Clickfunnels is great to use aside from your WordPress site because if you fuck up with your marketing and get the domain blocked by ad account it wont effect your whole brand.

    So unless you are actually actively recruiting referrals or actively using your pages to generate more than that every month you will be looking at probably $90 extra using clickfunnels than you would with WP depending on how you have your hosting & etc set up.

    1. ClickFunnels will be simpler to stats on conversions than WordPress.
    2. Think about your question, how would you know if “A” works well if “B” doesn’t exist? I would always recommend A/B testing from the start – it can be as simple as CTA placement.
    3. ClickFunnels would require less Techie knowledge out of the gate than WordPress and if you’re looking for quick page builds with a focus on conversions, ClickFunnels has you covered.
    4. I’m a big WordPress supporter (built far more sites than I can count) for dynamic content, corporate/business sites, and lean on ClickFunnels for conversions, sales, and some integrations.



    Website for information cf for sales funnel. but if your question about their builder, just the same. you can build an entire sales funnel in WordPress but building in cf is way more faster. So the verdict is IMO you need both.

    If you just only want to go with Builder or with Sales Funnel, then you must with Clickfunnels and if you are looking for Business Website, then you can go with WordPress As Well.


    WordPress should really only be used for blogs honestly… if you are selling anything, I really believe you should be using CF & Shopify’s $9 plan for a “control center”. CF sells, Shopify tracks, WordPress is great for software type stuff. Like I believe you can pretty easily create an entire piece of software through WordPress.

  5. I have experience with WordPress, but have not tried clickfunnels yet. I’ll be starting this coming week. I guess it depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. My reason for joining CF is to push my eCommerce. CF seems to be a much simpler way to do so. I will continue to use WordPress for writing articles though.


    Clickfunnels is powerful for sure. Although, its not the only marketing platform out there to drive leads. Currently it seems to be the biggest one and the one that has everyone’s attention. But in reality, people do find much success using just their regular sites for business (WordPress , Weebly, etc).
    While I understand your point and where you’re coming from marketing is ALL opinion based. What works for one company may not work for another. I’ve worked with companies and I’ve said “this is why clickfunnels works and blah blah” but they don’t want to use it due to aesthetics or they want a ton of call to actions. So building other websites on different hosting platforms is still effective for those clients and they still make money.

    Side note: I will say I do not think its the “fastest easiest way to generate tremendous income”. Although I have figured out solutions that work for clients, many also failed. And at times clickfunnels has been so glitch I’ve almost thrown my laptop across the room. And… I’m 4 months in to clickfunnels and I’m not a millionaire yet, or 6-figure earner so… I beg to differ.

  6. Completely depends on what you want. You can do everything with WordPress that you can do with Clickfunnels . That being said, WordPress takes a TON of plugins, a lot of them paid, which creates a lot of bugs in the site. Clickfunnels does almost all of this natively, so if you plan on using the features then Clickfunnels is a no brainer.

    Clickfunnels is a great tool. However, it may not be budget friendly if you are bootstrapping hardcore. My brother runs a real estate team right outside of Philadelphia and right now, I am doing all of the technical stuff, the API’s running stuff on wordpress because it in bootstrap mode.

    However, I am going to be a Realtor soon after school and the tests. So eventually, Clickfunnels, Zapier and some well equipped CRM’s will be doing the trick instead of having to do everything from SSH CLI and Coding patches on Sublime Text 3. I just won’t have much time with the influx of business

  7. If you have copy graphics and everything you can setup a basic funnel in less than a day using Clickfunnels … No other platform can beat that… And its a lot user friendly than WordPress for non techy

    WordPress on the other hand is a giant platform that could help you build everything… website, funnel, social media platform, forum, blog etc….

    WordPress has a huge huge library of free plugins and some bad ass page builders as well.. There are unlimited WordPress themes available that you could plug & play. You can host it on your own lightning fast server.

    Its easier to rank a WordPress site on search engines.


    I will answer the SEO perspective of ClickFunnels.
    Clickfunnels SEO vs WordPress: ClickFunnels is NOT best for SEO. WordPress is what you want to go with for SEO. HOWEVER, ClickFunnels is the BEST when it comes to making money and selling… soo… integrate both. Have your normal web pages in WordPress and integrate your CF pages into it. For example, you your blogs to be on WP. But you want to drive traffic to your ClickFunnels pages. In this way as John said above you are using both for their strengths. Hope this helps!

  8. Both are excellent in their own ways, but there are 2 major Pros for WordPress over ClickFunnels.

    1. You own the content. You’re not locked into paying someone for the life of your funnels. And if you ever cancel, you lose everything.
    2. There are no limitations with WordPress. With ClickFunnels, you can only accomplish what the software will allow you to do.

    I wouldn’t replace one or the other. Harness the power of both of them. I personally like to run WordPress site, then have funnels on a different subdomain like

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