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  1. WordPress is the best alternative of ClickFunnels and Shopify:

    I’ll give you my advice with the presumption that you are in a hurry and don’t have much experience with corporate design. Shopify would be the fastest way to end up with something with a clinical design and a corporate feeling due to the many ready-made templates you can get here and there. If you want to create campaign landers I’d do them with Clickfunnels and then point them to the Shopify store. Shopify is by far the best when it comes to ordering management etc. It’s a bit hard to give any actual advice as I don’t know where you are technical. If you have a bit of technical knowhow and really want a real funnel-funnel I’d go with a 3rd solution which is WordPress with Elementor pro, CartFlows pro, and Woocommerce. You can do the same job for 1/12 the price and you actually own everything and have full control. I’ve been around the block many times, and I always land with WordPress as I always end up wanting something custom that nobody offers. And as I am a programmer I can easily do that with WordPress.

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    The thing about Shopify is that you can’t automate very easily with CF. You can either:
    1. Build everything within ClickFunnels, including OTO and OCU, and then make the orders manually as draft orders on Shopify.
    2. Create a buy button within your Shopify store (paying the $9/mo plan) and put it as HTML code on your funnel, but you won’t be able to create OTO and OCU since that button send your customers to the Shopify checkout.
    3. Use ClickFunnels + Shopify + CartHook so you integrate CartHook with Shopify, and create the HTML button, put it in your funnel, and then you can create OCUs on CartHook and receive all the orders on Shopify, so it’s completely automated.

  2. You can use both! Shopify for multiple products and best-sellers are then finalized using CF. Boom= money. Alternatively, you can save money by NOT using Shopify and just use CF because it has everything- particularly funnels.
    very limited in what funnels you can create in a Shopify site. There really is no comparison between the two platforms as they are used for different things. Now if you were comparing WP and CF that would be far more relevant a comparison

  3. The problem is that CF wasn’t designed for eCommerce. It was designed to sell a product or a few products, You can use some of the CFProtools plugins that are in FunnelU, but your still kind of “jimmy rigging” it.


    They are different. They are also used for different things. Click funnels is for one product only sites, where Shopify is a proper eCommerce store like you’d be accustomed if you shopped online in the last ten to twenty years. Neither is better, it’s like asking is a hammer is better than a screwdriver. clickfunnels leans towards how easy it is to create a sale sequence without prior coding knowledge or installing third party dedicated plugins.

  4. How about the question Clickfunnels and Shopify or just go with clickfunnels? clickfunnels starts at $97/mo. Shopify at $29. Try brick and mortar at $126/mo. Impossible. I’d recommend investing in both reputable, effective marketing tools. Don’t hold back on e-com. It’s a business. Test, invest, find systems that work with you. You’ve got this.

  5. Woocommerce with Elementor page builder and WooFunnels:

    Woocommerce with elementor page builder plug-in and WooFunnels plugin. Combines the best parts of clickfunnels and Shopify. A little more set up work but everything is customizable and can be better optimized for e-commerce than clickfunnels. Also is a whole lot cheaper in the long run then clickfunnels and Shopify. Only pay for web hosting and most plugins are one time purchases.

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    Not the easiest products to promote with advertising but I would go for creating separate funnels in CF for each test. Shopify is very limited for building funnels and doing the storytelling which these products need to sell. I wouldn’t include Shopify at all in your funnel because it will kill conversions when you send people from your CF funnel to a Shopify store.

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