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Hi, Fellow WordPress Experts,

I’m trying to figure out a solution for using my WORDPRESS site for an online course (don’t feel like paying $99 a month for Thinkific or Teachable), but not sure if I need just an LMS such as LIFTERLMS OR both an LMS + a membership plugin (such as MEMBERPRESS or ActiveMember360 WordPress Plugin). What are the benefits of using both VS just an LMS?

Note: I’m not planning on selling a membership access with recurring monthly payments, Just a one time payment for the course. Thanks!

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  1. If your course is text and not video it is possible to sell a course through an email list. Just drip the content daily once the student purchases it. That’s an old school method but it works.

    If you do have video it is still possible to use the email list method by using a private YouTube channel. Just put the video link in the email. There is little chance someone will share the link.

    See What Is The Best LMS Plugin? Learn Dash Vs Lifter LMS . If you are planning to get started with WordPress Learn about what is the best wordpress hosting. More specifically  checkout Web Hosting For LifterLMS

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  2. I’d listen to Jafor Ahmed.

    And to expand on what he says, you can also create a page in WP and hide it from the search engines, or use WP’s built in password tool. And then put your course content on that.

    Any of those methods get you up and running asap without messing around with technology. Meaning you can focus on the key aspects of making sales and learning what your prospects want and don’t want. If you’re concerned about looking “unprofessional” you can set expectations for the content delivery in the sales copy.

    But if you’re sure you want to go the plugin route, then I wouldn’t bother an LMS, they seem to be the latest bright shiny object. A good membership plugin will be fine.

    The free version of S2Member is more than likely all you need to get started. But for quality paid plugins you can’t go wrong with either MemberPress or MemberMouse. Checkout our answered question about Best WordPress Membership Plugin MemberPress vs MemberMouse?¬†

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