CartFlows Vs WooFunnels Vs ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnels?


CartFlows Vs WooFunnels Vs ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnels?

Hi. I have ThriveCart but thinking about switching to CartFlows. I also used WooFunnels which is very powerful. Back then I also used ClickFunnels to create funnels for my clients. I find ClickFunnels landing page templates back school design and so outdated!

Who is using CartFlows or ThriveCart it and what are the pros and cons? I need to have the option for clients to pay via SEPA direct debit. Stripe offers this but Thrivecart and Plug’n’paid don’t (even though they have Stripe integration). I think Woocommerce does.

So since Cartflows is based on WooCommerce, I believe this should work like WooFunnels, right? Also, I like that I am independent of a SAAS provider (ThriveCart and ClickFunnels).

Are there things that don’t work well in CartFlows?

CartFlows Vs WooFunnels Vs ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnels
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  1. I think WooFunnels is better. But both are good. On one e-commerce site, I’m a co-owner of we earned around $6k the first month with some upsells as well as abandoned carts mail.
    To put that sum in perspective, on a regular month we sell products for about $25-30k. So I’m very pleased with that result. I think you should try both Cartflows and WooFunnels and use the one you like the best.
    CartFlows Does work for certain based businesses. My experience has been using them on digital-only eCommerce sites, where adding a ‘subscription’ to a cart previously generally made little sense to an end-user. 
    ThriveCart is awesome, but a bit tough to set up for digital download only delivery. It has direct integration with teachable and a bunch of other membership plugins, so if selling membership goes with it 100%.
    WooFunnels AeroCheckout has been awesome for me! Easy to use, looks, and works great. Ran into an issue with a payment gateway and support was on top of it and quick to get a fix for me. I use a number of other plugins from that same company and they all work well.
    I don’t use and recommend ClickFunnels now. The bugs were frustrating, the killer really is the limitation on payment gateways and not being able to run client accounts under the one account. And they don’t have sales tax calculations built-in.
    Use CartFlows or WooFunnels. WordPress has a plugin for almost every issue you will probably face.  

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