BlueHost Vs SiteGround Vs GoDaddy?


I have been consistently reading through all the best WordPress hosting posts. Please suggest a hosting company for beginners. I teach DIY WordPress for small biz and generally, recommend SiteGround but people consistently ask for a other option like GoDaddy to get started. I know so many bloggers recommend BlueHost and HostGator. I have not had good luck with them but generally what everyone defaults to because of the prices.

So I’m looking to you all – what hosting company would you suggest for a small business building a WordPress website for the first time, low traffic, good customer service, and around $3 a month (or less) for the introductory price. Any suggestions? This may be an impossible request but your the best group to ask. Thanks

BlueHost Vs SiteGround Vs GoDaddy?

bluehost vs siteground vs godaddy

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  1. These type of hosts.. Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround, GoDaddy.. Stay away. Mediocre quality. Pay a bit more. I’m a big fan of the managed servers of Hetzner, but they might be overkill depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Very happy with Time4vps. CloudVPS is pretty good.

  2. Bluehost Review:

    I don’t recommend using BlueHost like web hosting. Use another web hosting company, such as A2 Hosting or SiteGround and you will never have to worry about anything like that again. It’s too bad that a well known blogger from this group still recommends Bluehost, but, yeah, I understand, gotta make a living, right? (btw…A2 Hosting and Siteground also have affiliate programs and are way better than Bluehost) Most of the bloggers who recommend Bluehost, don’t use this shitty web host for their own website / blog, they only recommend them for the commissions. BlueHost and all other E.I.G owned web hosting companies are bad!

    Godaddy Review:

    Godaddy is almost as bad as BlueHost and the other EIG companies. Stay away from all of them. GoDaddy has been TERRIBLE with WordPress recently — several of my clients who have been hosting with GoDaddy have had tons of issues with them in the last year. All are about to or have already migrated over to SiteGround.

    SiteGround Review:

    SiteGround is good.. I would recommend them. However if u want pure power use CloudWays.. they are amazing but have no domain hosting or emails. They simply host the website but do it amazing. In a nutshell – SG are good for the whole package. But CloudWays are the best in my mind. I have sites on both and CloudWays performs best.


    BlueHost Vs SiteGround Vs GoDaddy:

    Siteground is definitely much better then godaddy and bluehost in terms of speed and service – everything else too actually. Your loading speed and search rankings will went up after switching if you are a Godaddy or BlueHost user.

  3. Never had much issues with malware on SiteGround, but i am using a WordPress Security Plugin. Did have issues on HostGator with sites that kept getting infected. GoDaddy is a nightmare for speed.
    On the amount of files: you must have a ton of files then. I have quite big sites and a lot of testing stuff on them but never hit a limit.

    I would not use SiteGround if I need premium hosting. That is just not their thing. I those cases I use Kinsta. But that is quite some more money.

    I think all hosting providers state unlimited storage but indeed the limit is for number of file it’s common for all hosting providers. Major providers has limit around 200K to 300K. SiteGround is a great host for the money but there are better. If you need super fast hosting Kinsta is the place to go but it’s not cheap.

    Every host has issues. Especially the “cost-effective” ones. Here’s My SiteGround Review:

    They are extremely helpful. Hours of time spent helping me for free.

    The first one I moved had some real issues with bots hitting it and driving up CPU usage and executions. I complained and they blocked a bunch of bots. But why are they not doing that in the first place.
    Additionally their “caching” is nothing more than a mechanism for them to cut down on CPU usage on shared machines. It’s total trash.

    And SiteGround is NOT cost effective after one year. $420 for 30G? I will be moving. I’d like to hear some better hosting solutions.

  4. There is no contest between Godaddy and bluehost. Godaddy is not good and Bluehost is owned by EIG. Godaddy and EIG companies are easily the scam of the hosting world. Time to scrape off the bottoms of your shoes and get a real host.

    Siteground is terrific. Their intro rates are fantastic but they do increase substantially after the intro period is up. Still worth it. Great support and very, very good servers.

    I’ve worked with my fair share of hosting providers like Godaddy, BlueHost, and others. Recently was recommended WPX hosting.. put a couple of sites on it to compare and its actually very good, affordable, fast, and includes an SSL and CDN.

    I also recommend DreamHost. Moderate pricing and great support. For a cost-effective solution check out DreamHost. They’ve been great and it’s less than $5 a month. The large mortgage corporation I work for uses them.

    Visit WPX Hosting

  5. Buy cheap hosting, get cheap results. Shared hosting sucks no matter where you are buying it.

    I have accounts at SG, Rochen, and Blue Host. A mix of dedicated servers and VPS. No problems with any of the accounts on any host.

    If you are making money on the hosting, invest in good hosting. My hosting bill runs over $700 monthly and it’s still very profitable.

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