BlueHost Review : Is Bluehost Good For WordPress?


BlueHost Review : Is BlueHost Good For WordPress?

Why would you recommend or not recommend BlueHost?

Most of reviews I read, say it is good (Affiliate), many comments say it is bad and total nightmare!.

Can anyone that have tried BlueHost before, or still using BlueHost , give me an idea whether it is reliable hosting or not.

For a small website(10 K unique visitor per month) would you recommend BlueHost or not?.

BlueHost Review : Is Bluehost Good For WordPress

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  1. The short answer: stay far away from BlueHost
    My anecdotal reasoning: They were the first hosting company I used during college when I knew just enough CSS to customize a theme. Their support was horrendous, downtime for “maintenance” in the middle of the day, and very poorly performing servers. I thankfully learned a lot about hosting fairly quickly and moved to a VPS at media temple and now to a combination of WP Engine, Pagely, Liquid Web, AWS and Digital Ocean for my hosting needs.

  2. I’ve moved several clients away from BlueHost. They had so many issues. Slow load times. One got hacked and BlueHost was not great about assisting. They upsell like crazy so some were paying way more than they should. They add their own plugins to your WP site for caching that can cause serious stress if you don’t know it’s there. Etc. Stay away.

  3. Like most of the corporate hosts, their customer service is mediocre and unpredictable.

    Nearly all of the corporate hosts utilize old technology and slower drives than the smaller more nimble web hosts, and pack their servers full until they are about ready to explode…

    Go with the more nimble hosts who offer SSD drives, virtually no negative reviews in Google search and answer their phones when you call.

    Before they were bought by EIG, I had used them a number of years ago, and their support was really good. After they were bought, service went down the tubes.

  4. May I know what your website’s Google PageSpeed Insights Ratings are? I don’t need the name of the website, just would like to know the ranking for comparison to see if the same low ranking may occur on my website?

    BlueHost Website A gave a ranking of 40/100 on mobile, 63/100 on desktop.

    BlueHost Website B gave a ranking of 48/100 on mobile, 41/100 on desktop.

    It’s pretty crappy per say. Sales Rep told me out of the $327 USD I paid, I’d only get a refund of $299 USD as both the $13 website name registration and $14.88 WHOIS protection is non-refundable… which I can easily trasnfer to other hosting companies they claim.

    They say I can easily downgrade to a 1 year contract plan for $89.40 USD per year with a total of $237.40 USD refund back to my credit card.

    • There are too many factors that go into those ranking algorithms to make it a meaningful comparison between any two sites. The only way the numbers would be comparable would be to load two identical sites on two platforms and benchmark them against each other.

      The financial decision is yours. You could take a chance on it for $300 or $90…just depends on your tolerance for loss.

  5. Switch, you don’t necessarily need the GoGeek at SiteGround if you consider their annual fee, after the first year, is too high. They have other excellent tiers, great for shared hosting.

    Other options to shared…

    Running a VPS from one of the more known providers (DigitalOcean or Linode or Vultr) can be a great choice, but more difficult to manage unless you have the ability to manage your own server or aptitude to learn.

    Having said that, there are now some excellent tools in that area to make managing a WordPress on VPS much easier.

    GUI based tools like RunCloud, GridPane, ServerPilot, Forge, or Terminal based automation scripts like Webinoly and EasyEngine. They install the server stack, allow easy management of the common necessary tasks, SSL, domains, security, Web application deployment etc.

    Then there is a solution like CloudWays, which does something similar, but they also provision the server and act as hosting, and offer more bells and whistles than most other vps management platforms. Something like assisted Server hosting, with a bit of a premium but restricted access to the server and platform provider.

    Or then Managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta, Pagely and their peers. For a premium, a WordPress tuned stack with all the bells and whistles, security, great support etc etc. If your budget allows it, yes please!

    BTW, I am a sometime contributor to the RunCloud blog, really enjoy everything their platform offers, so am biased, but would also highly recommend GridPane – it’s excellent, Forge is incredibly polished, Serverpilot offers amazing server monitoring tools at higher price point and has been reliably serving the community for years etc Basically, they can all be good choices, depending on your specific situation.

  6. There’s a lot of great options out there for hosting. I’d suggest avoiding any EIG brand and any Godaddy Hosting. The thing is here, it’s not the technology they are using, they’ve just made poor business decisions for customers. That’s really what it boils down to. EIG makes a lot off of customers hopping from one of their brands to another brand without you realizing you never really left them.

    If you’d like a local partner, I’d suggest a Hosting Coalition member. All of them offer excellent hosting, and most also do development to where they can help you in your journey. Just a quick disclaimer, I’m the founder of the Hosting Coalition. If you’d like, I’d be happy to introduce you to the member closest to you.

    You can go with A2 Hosting, SiteGround, FastComet, or NameHero. But I don’t recommend any EIG company includes BlueHost.

    A2Hosting and SiteGround seem to be everyone’s favorite on here; how does it compare to “competitive” pricing with something like EIG Bluehost? As a college student I’m tempted to take advantage of the intro pricing for three years, but I’m not sure if that will be hard to get out of afterwards and screw me over. My mom uses BlueHost for a simple blog, but I’m not a fan of the security nickel-and-diming add ons.

  7. I started out with bluehost (I prepaid for three years, I’m not really sure ’till now if they really refunded my 170 USD) but moved to Inmotion hosting after three weeks. Again I prepaid 6 months hoping it would be my last host, sadly not. I moved out again after two weeks. Fastforward, for almost two years I’m using Runcloud (I’m also considering Gridpane) with some cheap VPS I found in Lowendtalk. I also have a reseller account from Buyshared.

  8. I had a BlueHost account switched to SiteGround because i wasn’t happy, and i read good reviews about the speed of SiteGround and i left them because they were too slow.
    So i decided not to listen to other people and do a comparison myself, i actually bought 2 more hostings, and i compare all 4 of them, TTFB, First Paint, Fully Loaded. The comparison took weeks, with 7 different tools, from different places around the world. The winner was CloudWays

    1. if you want i can send you the results.
    2. i suggest you will do comparison. i can help you with that.

    i have a testing server in CloudWays, we can put YOUR site in it and you will see you site, side by side, in different servers. I’m sure it will help you decide.

  9. I’ll just say that last night I uploaded a client’s site from a “fully loaded” managed hosting plan on BlueHost to my overloaded GoGeek plan On SiteGround to see why it was, for instance, taking up to 12 seconds to load the dashboard Pages list with BlueHost.


    The same page on SitGround loads in just a second or two.

    Sure, it’s a very heavy site with multiple membership decisions per page in the front end and lots of loops per section depending on membership levels. But that’s why they’d upgraded their BlueHost Managed Hosting to 4gb RAM and 4 cores.

    If anything, upgrading slowed things down even more.

    Based on my experience last night I’d say BH managed hosting is terrible, expensive, and unnecessarily complicated.

    Update: according to the simple UsageDD plugin the main membership page load times are
    Bluehost: 2.83 seconds using 83.4mb RAM
    SiteGround: .76 seconds using 28.3mb RAM.

    Conclusion: not just slow but what the heck is slurping down the extra 55mb RAM on BlueHost?

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