Best WordPress Theme?


Best WordPress Theme? What is the best WordPress theme? I will outline My experience with the best WordPress themes below.

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is popular among designers, and by extension design agencies, who jumped at lifetime licenses early on. Great growth tactic at the time, but surely cost them in long term recurring revenue. Designers continue to recommend Divi Theme (because it’s easy, not because it’s superior), but most developers who step in later will transition them away from an all-in-one theme/builder. Still a strong player, but not really growing market share anymore except with designers who don’t know any better.

Avada WordPress Theme

I have used Avada a lot as well as Divi Theme. I agree that the biggest issue is speed. Otherwise, I find it pretty easy to use – I still support a could of clients who use it. Their updated version is pretty solid.

Genesis Framework Themes

I have been using Genesis framework for many years, even before the framework came out. I love building child themes using their framework. It’s stable, very flexible and you are in control. I admit that I haven’t used the others, but from what I have seen, they control things more than me and I like to be in control.

OceanWP WordPress theme

I gave up ocean long time ago. Bloated, bad support and when I found out a bug they refused to listen (affected thousands and they fixed it first after 4-5 months). Just bad.

Astra Theme

As for the Astra theme, I love it and pretty much exclusively using it now together with Elementor Pro. The theme is basically made to work with all modern page builders e.g. Beaver, Elementor, Divi, Thrive, etc and the developers work fast to build integration while not bloating the code too much. I do prefer Astra for WooCommerce as BrainStromForce are doing fantastic job there. It works right out of the box.

Astra Theme Price

The $699 lifetime is for the Astra Agency package that includes the Astra Pro theme, as well as all current and future plugins released by the theme developers. That includes Astra Premium sites, ConvertPro, SchemaPro and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder / Elementor. Pretty good honestly.

GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is as one of the best themes with Elementor. GeneratePress is a page builder friendly WordPress theme. It comes with a beautiful and highly customizable layout. Can change any page using Elementor to create custom layouts. Can customize the colors, typography, background, and other options. It is optimized for SEO to get more visitors from search engines.

GenerateBlocks Plugin

Generate Blocks are a great way to build a page, no question. The GeneratePress Premium version is a series of plug-in like functionality that applies to the whole site, not just an individual page or reusable block.
I’m working on a hobby website now that uses only the free version of GP, not the premium. The project is reminding me of the differences, what I’ve sort of taken for granted in the Premium version.

Elementor Hello Theme

I like the Hello Theme a lot – its free, and doesn’t interfere with Elementor Pro Elements like Theme builder structure etc.

Here’s the issue with elementor Hello Theme. Shortly after the release of Hello, I compared it with Astra free and Pro and Astra was as fast… Hello was missing some features, but it was developed with Elementor 2.9 in mind (new Theme features with global styling)… So, it depends if you need other features or not. If you build everything with Elementor Pro, then Hello theme is probably a good choice. If you need ANY feature from a theme (layout, sidebar, etc), then Astra is the way to go… If you use Elementor free, don’t even think of Hello.

The conclusion with Best WordPress Theme research

Honestly, every theme on WordPress is its ups and downs. We need to build site how we want it, then optimize the efficiency of the site. There’s not one theme you can use that blows your SEO and other staffs out of the water. And even if we have a great theme, all it takes is installing one plugin and the speeds can unravel again.

Best WordPress Theme
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  1. Genesis Theme vs GeneratePress

    I have built some client sites by using Genesis but now switch to GP. Genesis is good, but finding which hooks to use on Genesis is somehow a tedious job for me, even just for a small change. GP is much straightforward and easy to custom for me from a developer’s perspective.
    Get GeneratePress Theme Lifetime License

  2. Divi vs Avada – Which of these two best-selling themes is most worth it?

    None, Two problems I’ve found with multipurpose themes like Avada, Divi et al:
    1. bloat
    2. too complex for the client so they end up never updating their content (which is one of their main requirements at the start of the project).
    Go for a lightweight theme like WPAstra or GeneratePress.

  3. I am a previous Divi user and switched to Astra and Elementor however there were a few things I liked about it. After watching your video and post I thought I would try and use the Divi builder with Astra to experiment however I have found that the mobile and tablet views don’t work when using the visual builder. I have the latest Divi Builder and did a clean install of Astra, is there any other settings you implemented to ensure compatibility? I have tested with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and have found the same issues of switching to other device views not working?

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