Best WordPress Review Plugin? WP Review Pro vs WP Product Review?


Hi, I’m looking for input on a rating/review plugin or application service for a client’s WordPress site

I’m building a subscription-based, peer-review website for a client.

A key component of the website’s service is that registered professionals(users) will rate other users within the industry. I’ve planned to code it, but I’d like to know what some other membership/subscription site owners are using

What are you using?

What have you used?

What do you like? Dislike?

Know of any open-source rating/review application, plugin, or service?

In addition to my Google Searching, plugin review reading, and Console Inspecting, this post is also a part of my research.

Best WordPress Review Plugin? WP Review Pro vs WP Product Review?

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  1. I’m using a WP Review Pro plugin for the product reviews I do. Since Google recently changed a couple of stuff related to structured data, I’ve changed the settings to Reviewed Item Schema: Product.

    Obviously, tests show some warnings about the missing offers/sku/aggregate rating/ etc. which I cannot really fill in.

    What do you recommend in this particular case? I’d appreciate your feedback.

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