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    I recommend use a portfolio category and simply create Posts with that category, add some custom fields if you want to include certain info for each one. I don’t think you need a separate plugin for it. Display posts with the blog module on a page with that category in a grid, etc.

  1. I ditched wpportfolio as it seemed unreliable using savetheweb. I created my own using BB then saved as a template. Means I case use videos and photos of websites I create and looks nicer. Created in a few mins after several hours of wpportfolio frustrations. I think the best way is creating a CPT, then use Beaver Themer to build layout for CPT archive/single page.

    If you don’t want CPT, just make a page call Portfolio, and put all projects as its children. And you still can use Themer to build layout for them.

    Another solution may be too simple, but I’m using the free version of WP Show Posts for mine. I’m just showing blog posts with a certain category but you could use it for custom post types.

  2. As mentioned, create a CPT Portfolio with PODS or similar and use the available post layout modules in BB. Use Beaver Builder Themer for the archive page and post type template. Your imagination is the only limitation. For front-end submission you could use Gravity Forms or any extended form plugin that allows front-end submission of post types. Good luck


    I have used go portfolio plugin a few years back, it has lot of glossy features and works! Ideally now, I would just create portfolio back-end via Pods and output via Beaver Themer as per my requirements.

  3. Set this up yourself with Custom Post Type or the existing Portfolio tools in Pro if you really think you need it. I’ve never used a portfolio in 20 years and never been asked why or to justify my team’s abilities. The last agency I owned did between $750k and $1.1M per year every year for the last 10 years in business. Everyone’s portfolio looks, sounds and acts the same. Link projects to real case studies that show what business goals are/were achieved and skip the useless screen caps. Print is one area where there is an exception to this as it is a tangible media type that needs visuals if it can’t be touched. Just my opinion but portfolios deliver ZERO value 95% of the time. They are like testimonials on a website – they will only ever showcase cherry picked work and should be viewed as highly questionable. Want to really impress prospective clients? Send them references to clients who have left thinking someone else’s offering was greener and now want you back but you refuse to work with them. 100% GOLD. Better if you have some analytic proof of how far downhill they went after ‘saving’ money etc.

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