Best WordPress Hosting?


Best WordPress Hosting?

Features the WordPress Hosting Provider must have:

  • Security is the main concern choosing the WordPress hosting
  • Want a WordPress hosting provider that guarantees as much uptime as possible
  • WordPress hosting providers must provide good customer support with priority
  • Upgrade options of that WordPress hosting provider to ensure that the hosting provider is able to accommodate the future growth of the website.
  • The hosting provider is able to offer an entire suite of services dedicated to hosting WordPress websites.

Thanks for your recommendations.

best wordpress hosting
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    We used Bluehost 2015-2017 which, in all fairness, had good site up-time and honestly they got us the second year because of all the glowing reviews around. We just assumed all the technical difficulties were down to us. And we could not face the problems with a new hosting provider. But they charge for everything – particularly for security stuff, things which should be standard, not extra in my opinion. For education stuff, we really need stability and security so our next step was to A2Hosting because of the very good shared plans. We did have a slightly poorer uptime but the site speed was really improved over Bluehost so we thought we were ok. The only thing was it turned out they were not very flexible with changes in numbers and our students are seasonal. So we moved in 2019 next to SiteGround. I have to say WHAT a difference. Almost perfect uptime, great site speeds, proper ultimate support, free SSL certificates (what a saving), and the very very best customer service ever. SiteGround is a lovely home for nontechnical people and just works perfectly. It is still good.

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  1. Depending on how much experience you have, and money you want to spend, I would look at it like this
    Cheapest WordPress hosting with good support:

    • Siteground
    • WPX hosting (possible the most fanatical with support at this level)

    Middle with great support:

    • Flywheel
    • WP Engine

    Top class WordPress hosting with amazing support:

    • Kinsta
    • Pagely

    There are plenty of others, but you will not go wrong with this list.

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    Pick a host whose servers are geographically located close to where your target audience is. If you’re running a website off the west coast, but your target audience is in NYC, or worse – Europe, all you’re doing is unnecessarily slowing down your website’s loading speed trough latency. Remember that the internet runs primarily off wires and the signal has to travel all the way across between the user and server.
    Once you’ve picked one, take a look at their policies. What sort of limits do they impose on you? If you get a free (or discounted) domain along with your hosting – what is the renewal fee going to be? Etc, etc.
    Once you’ve narrowed it down to a list of reputable companies that all meet these requirements, then you can start sorting by price. Fact of the matter is, if you ask “what’s the best host”, people will probably just reply with whatever their current host is, even if it’s the only host they’ve ever used.
    What’s the best host? That’s subjective. What are you looking to do? How much are you willing to spend? What is your target audience and where is it located? You have to answer those questions for yourself.

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