Best WordPress Cache Plugin For Elementor Page Builder?


So I have been using the SG Optimizer caching plugin for my WORDPRESS website but have experienced problems with the functionality and look of Elementor Page Builder because of this plugin, especially whenever a new Elementor update is released or whenever a new SG Optimizer update is released.

I wanted to use a different caching plugin to speed up my site but wanted to get the community’s opinion as to which of the following (WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache) would be the best plugin for caching to be used alongside Elementor Page Builder ? Interested in your opinions.

I want a caching plugin for purposes like ensuring the html, css and js files are compressed, gzip compression enabled and a few other things. What do you suggest?

My host is SiteGround and they are the company behind SG Optimizer but as mentioned SG Optimizer seems to not go well with Elementor so I may just end up using a different caching plugin.

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  1. Hello! I’ve had clients experience similar issues before. Depending on your site and the number of plugins, and a variety of other things that I’m sure everyone else in this thread has explained to you in great detail by now, there may be other options to optimize your site- though being honest, your site load time is not bad at all. 1.6s is a good time. I will say that if you are on SiteGround, since they have their own server-level caching setup, if you use another performance plugin, you’ll want to log into your SG account, and under cPanel, there should be a caching settings page to deactivate everything (then, make sure you deactivate your SG Optimizer Plugin). From there, you can try WP Fastest Cache or WP Rocket, or Swift Performance Pro (or others)- but the main point is to disable the currently existing one at the server level if you are absolutely sure you want to test out another framework. Don’t let anyone give you shit for wanting to test something out. Use data and test results to pick out whatever works best for your specific situation
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  2. Cache is something that takes care and attention. There is no one-click solution. You need to determine through experimentation what can be compressed, minimized, and cached. You will have the same problem no matter what plugin you use.

    As I said, it’s not about playing nicely. They will all work, including SG Optimizer, so long as you spend the time to find the right settings.

    Clearing caches should be part of your normal upgrade process. But if your host has a cache, or your CDN, then maybe that needs to be cleared outside of WordPress.

    Take A Look At Best Hosting For WordPress Website And Best Caching Plugin For WordPress Website Also. Remember that Image Optimization Play A Big Role on Website Speed. Optimize Your Images Before Upload For the Best and Always Serve Scaled Images instead of serving random size images.

  3. I actually just like wp performance booster it is free and I can average above 90 scores. But any cache plug like Wp Rocket or LiteSpeed Cache  in is going to do its job and cache so best to leave off while editing a live site, or not activate till done and then turn on. WPRocket is the best cache plugin in my opinion.
    best wordpress cache plugin wp rocket

  4. Astra WordPress Theme with Elementor Page Builder. List of plugins at the end of the post.

    I have a Woocommerce store, custom fields, custom post types website, 35 plugins (with this setup really doesn’t matter how many) and around 1000 products, responsive homepage 5 images, a full page slider with 7 images, that I just optimized.
    So we have quite a few bad players in terms of performance: JQuery, Woocommerce, Sliders, WP-Types Toolset, Google Analytics.
    I saw a lot of questions about good plugins for caching / minification so I thought to share my setup, because it is generally applicable.
    I didn’t had the time to do an article, but this is a summary.
    This set of tools make my site performance come from 77 requests / 6sec load time / Grade 85, to 24 requests 525ms and Grade 100.
    Those 24 requests are in fact just 6 files because the other 17 are 0b size placeholders.
    Those are the parts involved in optimization:

    Smart Slider 3: include good optimization options.

    Borlabs Cache: this one replace without problems any caching plugin + Autoptimize + JS optimization. The end result is a preloaded cache with 1 css and 1 JS

    Clearfy: Turn off various bad WordPress parts. Also used to unload plugins, css files and js files per page.

    Scalability Pro: woocommerce database optimization.

    Complete Analytics Optimization Suite (CAOS): host Google Analytics locally and update it thru the cron.

    Hosting: – Closte WordPress Cloud Hosting powered by Google Cloud : It adds to this setup the following:
    APC for object cache and OP cache, LiteSpeed cache, Google Cloud CDN

    If you want to see the website in question:
    carmenco .com

    best cache plugin for elementor page builder

    Plugins: Advanced-db cleaner, Advanced wp reset, Astra-addon, Astra hooks, Astra-pro sites, Borlabs cache envato, Clearfy, Closte, Contact form 7, Convert pro, Convert pro addon, Customizer export import, Elementor, Elementor pro, Facet wp, Gonzales, Complete Analytics Optimization Suite (CAOS), Litespeed cache, Smart slider 3 pro, Pdf embedder premium, Scalability-pro, Toolset advanced export, WP Types, Woo related products, Woocommerce, Woocommerce nested category layout, Yoast seo premium, Wp all export pro, Wp all import pro, Wp media folder, Wp media folder addon, Wp All import woocommerce add on, Yoast local, Yith woocommerce badge management-premium, Yith woocommerce brands add on premium, Yith woocommerce catalog mode premium

  5. I started using Swift Performance Pro. SG Optimizer was just not there yet. Swift has a lot of power Image Optimization and detailed settings to get just about anything working, but it can take some testing to get the right settings for an Elementor site. (It’s usually around js merging and excluding some scripts.) You can get some good guidance in WordPress Speed Up for this question.

  6. I’m using full WP Rocket plugin with Elementor and I was able to reduce a lot of requests with the plugin. lazyload works fine. I don’t know about the separate, only lazy load plugin.

    What I would do is to test:
    – create a canvas page, fully blank and test with GTmetrix or with google chrome inspect tool to see the number of requests
    – put multiple sections on that page containing a background image, so you have to scroll.
    – repeat the GT metric scan to see the number of requests added to the previous version. See requests for images
    – activate the lazyload plugin in and test with GTmetrix again and compare.

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