Best WordPress Ads Plugin For Advertising Management?


Publishers, are any of you selling your own ad inventory? I’ll be working directly with advertisers, selling inventory on one of my content sites, and I need a WordPress plugin to help me manage the ads.

What have you guys used?

AdSanity vs AdRotate vs OIO Publisher vs Insert Post Ads vs DoubleClick by Google vs Ad Inserter vs Quick Adsense vs AdSense Plugin WP QUADS vs Advanced Ads vs Ads Pro Plugin

Ideally I’d need something that can rotate ads by category (or url folder) so I’m not stuck with one vendor per location for the entire site.  Serving different ads based on media queries or device would also be a huge plus. Best WordPress Ads Plugin For Advertising Management
Thanks in advance!


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  1. Universal Ad – this plugin has sticky header and footer ad. Advanced ads is also good.

  2. You could use the free version of Tom Usborne’s WPShowPosts. In WPSP create a view set to display first 3-4 posts and use shortcode to insert into your home page. Then insert your ad code, and make another WPSP view with all the same settings as the first view except offsetting by 3-4 posts. I don’t recall if offsetting is available in the free version (I think it is), but even if you need to go pro it’s well worth it – the plugin is incredibly versatile for displaying posts anywhere and works great with GP.


    Use Advanced Ads plugin, you’ll have the ability to show ads based on many conditions, like what you mentioned above, i.e. per category, tags, page, post, device etc. etc., and many many other cool things.

    We’re using an older plugin namely Ad Injection that is only occasionally updated but it allows us to embed PHP code so we can detect the device ourselves. It’s not a perfect solution but I’m not happy with other advertising plugins I’ve tested. Still looking. So if you can find one that allows you to embed PHP that uses WordPress native environment-checking functions, that may be a good solution for you.

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