Best VPS Hosting For WordPress?


Any Recommends for REALLY GOOD VPS hosting for my WordPress membership and eCommerce website???

I was with Flywheel then switched to WP Engine and now I’m just sitting on a shared hosting. While these hosting were great, they both use Varnish caching which is creating conflicts with Easy Digital Download casing all website pages to redirect to an empty checkout page.

After 5 weeks of testing and trying, my develop concluded it’s the varnish caching conflicting with Easy Digital Downloads.

So now I’m looking for a really good VPS hosting, any recommendations would be appreciated.


Best VPS Hosting For WordPress

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  1. How long is a piece of string?
    To get a more accurate and helpful response, you may want to consider information like where the VPS needs to be located. Is support important to you? Is it for a single website with lots of traffic or a lot of websites. CPUs, RAM and SSD usage. Is cost a big factor?
    If you know what you are doing then Google Cloud, Amazon AWS. If you need help and support then I suggest



  2. If you want and actually managed WordPress, best is probably Kinsta or CloudWays, with most affordable being Flywheel (and still quite good — I have over 100 websites with Flywheel). If you want to stay with managing your own server, then CloudWays or LiquidWeb. The more you go with your own server, the more you need to do. Personally, I find I have enough work to do dealing with clients, so I like Flywheel. I make a quick video, send it off and in usually 10-20 min Flywheel has fixed my issue.

    CloudWays Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

  3. Varnish is easy to work around — have you started by contacting WPEngine support and asking them to disable caching on the sensitive URL’s? It also won’t cache pages for logged in users.

  4. I’ve run online businesses for years, including sites for clients, and have fairly exacting needs, not the least of which is reliability and a provider with a robust network.

    After some years with WiredTree, they were acquired by LiquidWeb; I looked at some other similar level providers and opted to stay with them; other than some snafus during the switchover, which was some time ago, I’ve been very happy with LiquidWeb Managed WordPress.

    Very responsive support, good performance, and most importantly, pretty proactive managed support. I currently have 1 dedicated server and 2 VPS’s.


    LiquidWeb Managed WordPress VPS


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