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    I’m with Guru and haven’t had a problem, but my sites are small and with low traffic. Which doesn’t mean they couldn’t handle anything more – just I haven’t tested them to the limit. Other UK based hosts I’ve seen recommended include 34SP, 20i, Krystal, Kualo and Clook, but I have no personal experience of their services.


    When I hear “server moves” I think of EIG hosts. Anytime they buy a host, they will send out the same email but under the hosts names, saying the company is upgrading to new servers. There’s never an upgrade, and within weeks after such announcements, service quality is drastically reduced. Always have backups and run…but do solid research when running as to not jump to another of the same host or worse.

  1. NoFrillsCloud have servers with AWS London while KnownHost and HawkHost have servers in Amsterdam. All 3 of them run on cPanel with LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server with LiteSpeed Cache support.

  2. You are searching for UK hosting company and at same time you consider Fastcomet in US.. quite a confusing statement. I can recommend RShosting who have their servers in UK for their superb services and ofcourse their classic support.


    I’ve been moving everything away from TSOHost, have been on the decline for a while. Have accounts with Krystal and Siteground. Have had a much better experience with Kystal Hosting.

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