Best Quiz Plugin WordPress? Free or Paid?


What’s the Best Quiz Plugin WordPress? Hi All, Does Anyone Here Use Quizzes To Engage Blog Audiences? How Is That Working For You? Do You Recommend It To Build An Email List, And If So, Which WordPress Quiz Plugins/apps/tools Would You Recommend For WordPress?

Which WordPress quiz plugin works best?

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    I have used THRIVE QUIZ BUILDER and It’s good. Used it with great success with client’s business website. Only downside is the aesthetics are not too customisable.

    Features Of Thrive Quiz Builder

    If you want a free one, You should definitely try FORMINATOR. It’s the best free form, quiz and polls WordPress plugin.They also have a pro version that s awesome and improving a lot since it was launched. It’s getting better and better.


    Depends on the level of sophistication you want. Thrive Quiz Builder is good and will works great. The ultimate level of tricks though is in Gravity Forms. If you have a license to the gravity forms tool, they have a quiz add on that is free. I cannot really comment on the quiz add on, but gravity forms is excellent. I had experience using Quiz And Survey Master and it worked well. Perhaps it can be useful to you.


    We Are WordPress Consultant And We Designed Ask Method Quizzes For Companies Around The World, It’s Very Useful For Segmentation, Generating Real Leads, Increasing Social Share etc

    Clients Like To Use And We Also Prefer Thrive Quiz Builder Or Just Thrive Themes To Get Access To All Of The Plugins If You’re Planning On Using 2+ Of Them

    Best answer

    Best quiz plugin for WordPress:

    The most complete and easy to use and customizable (language, points, ponderations, results…) is Quiz And Survey Master by far. I’m currently building a site with it and Oxygen and it works perfectly.
    And it’s free with all options included!

    I also tried Quiz Maker which is good but which has more character and is less usable in the backend (quiz creation is a bit clumsy because you first have to create questions, then you can pick them for quizzes).
    And you have to get paid version for various options, included improved points and results management.

    Another one is great because it has multi-fill-in-the-blanks (the only one I could find) and very smart options, and it’s free. But it’s old and not maintained any longer. But it still works like a charm, so I’m actually using it with QSM, thinking of maybe doing everything with it.

    All the other ones I’ve tested so far are either stupid viral Facebook tests with no options at all or big LMS with too much useless stuff and not so customizable anyway or ugly and limited like H5P (promising project, though).

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