Best MailChimp Alternatives?


Can anyone recommend a MailChimp alternative? I currently have an email list of 5000 users, and honestly, I am paying too much I think for Mailchimp. There must be something obviously cheaper?

How many people use Mailchimp vs some other alternative for managing a mailing list of communications to students? As the number of the students on my mailing list grows to 5000+, I’m wondering if it’s really worth paying MailChimp that much. What do other people use? It seems that the basic email capability in Teachable would go along way without paying MailChimp a monthly fee.

Best MailChimp Alternatives
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    I switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit, and love it so much. Top reasons I love ConvertKit compared specifically to MailChimp:

    • Deliverability rates of emails. For now, it’s SO much more likely than MailChimp for emails to go to people’s primary inboxes. All the clients I’ve migrated and have seen a small to a dramatic increase in open rates. The reason for this is that the emails are plainer:
    • When you’ve got multiple opt-ins, multiple services, just generally more going on in your business, it starts to become a faff in MailChimp. You have to create a new list for everything, and every new email on every new list you get charged for. With ConvertKit, you basically have one long list and then you can tag and segment that list based on where they came from, actions they took, etc. You can also email everyone, email everyone with tag X but not tag Y, etc. You can get so specific about who you’re sending which content to.
    • It’s infinitely easier to create forms in ConvertKit. I can’t explain, but it’s super easy and slick and then you just need one line of code to pop it anywhere on your website. I always found building forms in MailChimp super clunky and then they never looked right when I put them on my website.
    • ConvertKit is so good for content upgrades. Each form you make, it basically allows you to send one email that’s attached to the form. You can use it for a double opt-in (see below) and/or you can pop your content upgrade in there. You don’t need to set up an autoresponder sequence for it or anything.
    • With ConvertKit you can do single or double opt-ins straight away, and for the double opt-in email, you can put your freebie right there in the ‘please confirm your email and gt your free pdf’ email. Then they click a button “get the pdf” and oh, look at that, they’ve also confirmed their email address.
    • I really love in ConvertKit how forms, sequences, subscriber tags, etc are all standalone, and then you connect them up with automation rules. The automation section is basically like Zapier or IFTTT. “When the thing on the left happens, do the thing on the right”. This approach to automation I find infinitely easier to MailChimp. And you can get SO much fancier.
    • There’s a ‘resend to unopened’ button for all one-off emails (Campaigns in MailChimp, Broadcasts in ConvertKit). This does crazy good things for your cumulative open/click rate.
    • ConvertKit will let you do full, hosted landing pages. The templates are limited, but they’re still nice: (This is using the ConvertKit plugin which means I can have it showing on my site URL)

    I also recommend ActiveCampaign or Drip, but the ease of use for ConvertKit is incomparable considering how powerful it is.
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    To be brutally honest you get what you pay for so if you’re looking for cheap options you’ll only get crappy results and service from your ESP. That being said go with something that works and get you results like Drip or SendLane


    Cons of MailerLite

    As suggested by AskWP, I applied for Mailerlite free, but they did not approve. Asked them, what to fill in company and address fields because my blog is a personal blog. They replied through mail to fill the blog name and address and I filled in, but they didn’t approve with a reason that their system algorithms didn’t pass. I could not understand before approving, why they are collecting addresses and other details which are private matters. To approve a request related to a blog they can verify it by giving a code to install in the blog root.


    I like MailChimp, but their filters seem pretty tight. I tell you what, do not use the phrase “join the gang” in your emails. Got flagged, no specifics as TJ why. We submitted a request a few days ago, still haven’t heard anything. Fortunately, it was a fairly new list, campaign, and account. We just started over with a new account and changed that terminology. 
    Mailchimp has some allergies with marketers, Allergic to some words.


    MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Market Hero, Active Campaign. You are overpaying for all of these tools. There is one tool that is more advanced than all of them and yet it’s free.
    Go with Mautic This tool just came out years as an Open Source project. It becomes the default go-to Marketing Automation platform similar to how WordPress became the default CRM for most of the internet. Once you go Mautic, you will never go back. Make sure you find the self-hosted version on the .org domain of Mautic.


    I also recommend Mautic, It’s as difficult to install as a new instance of WordPress. Most hosts offer 1 Click Installs or you can code WordPress. Most people do 1 Click installs. It’s the same for Mautic.
    Mautic has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars a month in other tools and when you start to deliver emails through Amazon Simple Email Service, if set up with all authentication levels for your domains and email addresses, your deliverability will go through the roof. There is simply no way you can reach this level of deliverability through a normal Email Automation tool.
    Most tools will claim they will help you increase your deliverability because they help you set up SPF and DKIM. What they will never tell you is that there is a third level of authentication that you cannot reach as long as you use their services and that’s DMARC.


    I used to use mail chimp, it’s horrible in my mind. You can’t really segment things and get real down into the data. Not sure what it is like now, I’ve used ZOHO as well and others. What I have found is that clickfunnels are by far the best in my mind. They have their Actionetics program along with their landing page builder and affiliate backend if you are going to have affiliates. Basically, it is an all in one, last stop shop for anything you would need online for a low price. And the mindset behind the software is GETTING SALES. Which was refreshing to me because actual internet marketers built it not just programmers who wanted to create software.
    I moved from MailChimp to Drip a few years ago. My wife still uses MailChimp and the worst favor she asks of me is to “fix something up in MailChimp”. I’d rather weed the garden! MailChimp is good for people starting out, but for any level of intelligent workflow, which anyone who is serious about this business will eventually move on to, MailChimp isn’t friendly. 


    I totally recommend Mautic as well.
    And if you don’t want to cope with installation, IP Reputation, Spam, etc. you can use managed mautic like this:

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