Best Landing Page Builders For WordPress? OptimizePress Vs Beaver Builder Vs DIVI Vs Elementor Page Builder Vs Thrive Architect?


Which Plugin Is Best For Creating Landing Pages. To Me Thrive Architect Seems Like Special Page Builder For Creating Landing Pages. OptimizePress Is Somehow Becomes So Difficult To Me. I used OptimizePress For A Long Period Of Time And Now Want To Switch To A Smooth Easy Page Builder. Divi WordPress Theme And DIVI Page Builder Has A Great Pricing Option But DIVI Seems To Bit Slower Then Other Builders. SO I Am Not Going With DIVI Theme Or Divi Visual Builder Whatever You Call. I Tried Beaver Builder Plugin And Seems Fine To Me Although It’s Not Has Much Template To Use. So Far I Had Decided to Go With Elementor Page Builder. But I Want Your Honest Recommendation Guys.

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OptimizePress vs Beaver Builder vs DIVI Builder vs Elementor Page Builder vs Thrive Architect: Which One Is The Best Landing Page Builders For WordPress?

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  1. I am going to answer Beaver Builder Vs Elementor. I’ve tried Beaver Builder free and Elementor Page Builder free and found the user interface on Beaver Builder much more intuitive and easy to use.

    The extra features that Elementor has can be expanded on Beaver Builder using addons.

    You can also turn off modules you don’t use on Beaver Builder so they don’t take up site resources and reduce the amount of modules you see when developing.

    Beaver Builder Vs Elementor

  2. I say try them both Beaver Builder and DIVI and see which one is more intuitive. I know there are tons of Beaver Builder fans but found Divi worked better for me. Same thing with Elementor Page Builder. It probably also had to do more with me being more familiar but as they say.. time is money.

    Best WordPress Page Builders. Beaver Builder Vs DIVI

  3. For best speed, Elementor will be good choice. Also Elementor have some really awesome feature as well. by the way, whatever page builder you choose, after developing the site you have to optimize your website for best result.
    Elementor Best Page Builder WordPress plugin

    Ultimately, there is no “best” as best is really whatever works best for you and that you like working with. It should also have the components you need for your build. Beaver Builder and Elementor are arguably the most popular and supported for speed when using best cache plugin with Elementor

  4. DIVI for me. I like the interface and the analytics. However I only use this for customers. I create my own landing pages and squeeze pages in Thrive Architect. OptimizePress theme is limiting so I use the members plugin to manage memberships, sales pages and payments. The Live Editor is always slow to load and its a steep learning curve. Divi is a versatile theme and easy to create sales pages but you still need a membership plugin if you need to protect unpaid content. So tell us more about your project and we’ll try to offer the best option and advice.

    My personal favorite is Thrive Architect( previously Thrive Content Builder), I use it to create all my lead capture and sales pages. If you need an example or a demo shoot me a PM and I’ll show you (don’t wanna spam here’ not sure if it’s allowed).
    best wordpress page builder divi visual builder

  5. If you’re a page builder user, you might want to give Oxygen Page Builder a go. Why? Well, not only does it not use any theme, it only use/ load the asset when needed.

    Example: if you add a slider element on a page, then the code is added to that page only. Same with any other element.

    That is a huge deal in comparison with other builders, as none of them work like that — they just load everything by default and each time a new feature is added, their files get bigger.

    Considering how important website speed is to the customer and for your ranking on various search engines, have a look at how much bloat they all add.

    No, I am not an advocate for Page Builder, but I think it’s worth trying and worth getting into. I’m a fan of speed, lightweight and well structured code (I hate bloat).
    Elementor vs Divi vs Beaver Builder vs oxygen website builder

    Best answer

    Oxygen builder is the best landing page builder for WordPress.

    Has anyone ever tried to use click funnels or any other type of funnel builder? They are CRAP. Take forever to set up. Are usually not responsive and if you dare move something outside the frame everything breaks and sits on top of each other.

    I built page for one of my services. In about 1 hour including the copy. Usually you have to hide all your menu bars with CSS and its still problematic.

    With Oxygen builder it’s easy. Just make a new template with inner content and you are done no menus no bloat. Oxygen rocks. I think you should market Oxygen as the fastest funnel builder

  6. I don’t know which is best (still a newbie) but I use Elementor Page Builder and Thrive Architect and in next project I will take a look at Beaver Builder Plugin. Thrive Architect I mainly use to create landing pages and lead gens. I am Thrive Themes member and looking forward to learning the rest of the tools too.

  7. I went with Divi about 3 weeks ago, mainly because I am not tech savvy! There is a WordPress Learning curve, but the tutorials and online help are great. I find it quite intuitive, but early days. My main difficulty has been organising my existing content using Divi, but I think it will be much more straightforward when using it to create new content.

  8. I have Divi, but so far have only built my site with it. I have used Elementor Page Builder for a couple of sites, just the free version. I too wish Elementor had a lifetime, I think I would do it and dump Divi. I do like Divi though, but have not had a chance to try Elementor Pro yet.

    Divi Page Builder WordPress

  9. Beaver Builder… Too much choice now! I have briefly looked at both Thrive Architect and Elementor Page Builder. Both look better than Divi builder. Thrive Architect seems much more flexible with lots of configuration options. Most of my Divi builds have masses of custom css and most of this is available as configurable options in Elementor Page Builder.

    When you see Divi Page Builder in isolation it looks great but when compared to other builders its appears lacking. Lets hope the recent announcements from ET make Divi at least as good.

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