Best Landing Page Builder For WordPress?


Hey does anyone have any recommendations for the best WordPress landing page builder? Is thrive architect better for WordPress landing pages or should I use optimizepress as a landing page builder for my funnel? I had seen optimizepress is too costly!! Does it worth to buy optimizepress over thrive architect.

Best Landing Page Builder For WordPress?
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    I Use Thrive Architect For Making Landing Pages And Sales Funnel And Have Found That Thrive Architect Really Go The Extra Mile With Training And Support Which Makes It Worthwhile Staying Using Thrive Themes Plugins. But I Don’t Use Any Of The Theme From Thrive. I Usually Use WPAstra Or OceanWP As A Theme. Their Ranges Of Marketing Related Plugins Like Thrive Leads Is Also Great As They All Play Nicely Together.

    Thrive Architect Has A Very Friendly User Interface. It Can Be Used By Anyone Who Can Use A Computer With Internet Browsing. Thrive Architect Offer Inline Text Editing And Formatting Which Is A True WYSIWYG Experience With Web. No Need To Mention That It’s Response And Has Device-specific Styling For More Responsiveness. It Has Over 170 Page Templates And Counting To Get Started With Instantly And Then Editing To Fit Your Need.

    Thrive Architect Is Your Swiss Knife Army For Making Lading Pages For Products And Services.  It Is Also A Modern Page Builder With WYSIWYG Editing Which Makes It Valuable For Creating Amazing Landing Pages, Sales Funnel.

    On The Other Hand OptimizePress Is A Shit To Me. Although It Was The Only Option Couple Of Years Ago And Did Great. But Since Other Modern Page Builders Took Market It Becomes Useless To Me For Making Landing Pages And Sales Funnel.

    To Do A Small Adjustments You Need To Click Tons Of Buttons, Change The Content And Then Preview Again. Then Go Back And Do It All Again When You Need Another Further Minor Change And Back And Forth, Back And Forth!!! Absolutely A Dull To Me!!

    It Is Still A Complex User Interface Unless You Become An Expert With It.  The Learning Curve Is Quite Long. You Have To Spend Tons Of Hours To Master OptimizePress!! It’s Costly Then Any Other Page Builder. It’s Complex For Beginners Even For Experts I Say. Use Lots Of System And Browser Resources. Don’t Use With Shared Hosting. OptimizePress Doesn’t Play Well On Mobile And Tablet Devices. The Short Codes Are Also Annoying For Me And I Believe For Others As Well

    Best answer

    If you already have your website, the best way to go is Thrive Architect. Bonus things you get from Thrive Architect to compare to others are:

    1. Nearly 300 different styles landing page templates with conversion optimized design, and frequent ongoing additions.
    2. Lead generation tools beyond landing pages (THRIVE LEADS, THRIVE QUIZ)
    3. A Very responsive support team always ready to help you.
    4. Weekly coaching included (Marketing Mastery Webinars)
    5. Split testing of landing pages and automatically select the best one.
    6. Expansive course/webinar library (THRIVE UNIVERSITY) for additional marketing training, included for user and non user levels.


    Thrive Architect is much easier and cheaper to use. If you compare it to other non WordPress alternative like LEADPAGES and CONVERTKIT. Thrive also offers a lot of integrations. Also, it’s best to put your landing page on your website so the visitors also get added in your Google stats.

    Leran More About Thrive Architect


    Last I looked at it, OptimizePress bundled OptimizeMember doesn’t do independent sales of multiple products easily on the same site. The theme could potentially be used with another eCommerce or membership solution.
    Thrive Themes doesn’t provide a membership solution at all, but you can add an appropriate one.
    Optimizepress vs Thrive Architect

    I prefer Thrive Themes over OptimizePress appearance-wise.


    +1 for Thrive Themes between OptimizePress vs Thrive Themes. I love Genesis FrameWork, but the problem is that after installing one of their themes, your site will look nothing like their demo site. And you have to be a coder and a designer to make it look similar while customizing it all for your needs, and that is a really tall order for most people. Thrive has great templates + great drag-n-drop content builder and a bunch of related plugins.
    optimizepress vs thrive themes


    The big pro for Optimizepress is that it’s established and not going anywhere. It’s far from cutting edge anymore, but it’s reliable with a good size user base.

    Whereas the others, though more up-to-date, don’t have that track record yet. If it was for a graphics or similar app then this probably wouldn’t matter, but for something you’re essentially going to run a business on, I think knowing you can rely on it and that it’s not suddenly going to disappear is important.

    So personally, I wouldn’t consider any other until they’ve been around for a bit. Though depending how your budget is, there’s nothing to stop you picking up the lifetime deals now, and waiting to see if they’re worth using.

    For replacing Optimizepress in general, my thoughts would be if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if you did want to go for a complete overhaul then the software I’d advise looking at would be for page creation Beaver Builder Plugin and Thrive Architect. And for memberships Memberpress and Membermouse. They won’t be easier to use or with fewer technical parts, though they’re more powerful and up-to-date in terms of what they can do.

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