Best Hosting Service for WordPress with Woocommerce?


Best hosting service for WordPress with WooCommerce?

Here’s My Requirements:

  • Unlimited Traffic Bandwidth And SSD Space
  • In-house Support Available 24/7, No Outsourced Web Hosting Help Desk
  • One Click WordPress Installation
  • Free Domain Name And Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Industry-leading Hardware Setup And 100 Uptime Guarantee

Specify Many aspects to hosting besides fast, easy, and WP. That boils it down to what a couple thousand hosts? Support, uptime, locations, cores/ram, single point of failure, high availability, etc, etc

Best Hosting Service for WordPress with Woocommerce

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  1. I have tried BlueHost, GoDaddy, HostGator, A2Hosting, 1&1 Solutions, Network Solutions, SiteGround, InMotion, A Small Orange, DreamHost, WP Engine, FlyWheel, and so on.

    My personal favorite is either CloudWays or A2Hosting.

    There is no single best hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce. I offer my own hosting service and I don’t claim it to be the best for everyone. It’s all about what’s best for your specific requirements and in-house technical expertise.

    • What’s your traffic like?
    • What’s the number of active visitors at peak hours?
    • What percentage of them are actually interacting with the cart and buying stuff?
    • How heavy is your site?
    • Do you want a hands-on approach where the host only provides the hosting, or do you want a managed service?
    • What level of management/maintenance do you need?
    • Do you have time available to take care of updated, staging, security, performance and scaling etc. on your own?
    • Do you want your host to take care of all of that because your time is better spent on running your business, and you don’t mind paying for all of the above to be taken care of for you?

    All these factors determine what’s best for you.

    Also Need to be specific how many products? theme you are using? how many plugins? How much traffic? If its a small site then go with anyone and test it however if its large has traffic Cloudaways, Kinsta, WPEngine, LiquidWeb. Endurance International Group (EIG) they are all shit. Most people who use BlueHost, HostGator, JustHost and all those EIG shit hosting much have low traffic. Once visitors slam your site, enjoy the resources upgrade notice, or suspension of service.

    Best answer
  2. I have the Go Geek plan with Siteground – support is great, but expensive for shared hosting (after the “special” price is finished), and my back end for all my sites is SO slow! I’ve switched to InnoHosting and have a plan that enables me to set people up with CPanel access for Cloud based hosting, unlimited emails and free Commodo SSL installation for the price of shared hosting. The back end flies now – loving it!
    siteground gogeek plan

  3. Anything but BlueHost! Worst 18 months of hosting we ever paid for. Customer service sucked. They also led us down a path that made us purchase SiteLock at $50/month making us think we had no choice.

    So, we switched to SiteGround and we have never been happier. They step up with customer service 10 out of 10. They have been very transparent with our service and always helpful. They’ve been polite and respectful to us.

    Bluehost customer service treated us like trash, always having that annoyed voice when asking questions, like how the hell don’t we know this or that. The patience of SiteGround tech support has been a significant improvement.

    Only 2 hosts we’ve used but with the way SiteGround has treated us, I doubt I will ever be searching for another web host as long as we are in business.
    Bluehost Alternatives Top Options for WordPress Hosting

  4. WPX hosting is the fastest WordPress hosting, friend. But, the price is quite high when compared to others. And, Kinsta is a way too faster than WPX, but it costs more than WPX. These two are the best in the Market right now.


    Avoid EIG like the plague.
    I use CloudWays. They have a very simple website for you to manage all your sites. And allow you to choose your provider eg digital ocean, Amazon web services etc…
    Quick one click install of a woocommerce site, plain WordPress or just a website. Speeds are excellent. They have their own CDN and cache plugin too.
    I moved from siteground because I just needed something quicker and simpler. Very happy with my choice.
    Best WooCommerce Hosting CloudWays

  5. I used hostgator and godaddy for some of my clients but recently a customer is reviewing bluehost and the winner is siteground with free ssl and vpn for life.
    best wordpress woocommerce hosting

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