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    If you decide to go to a host which is the best hosting for Elementor Page Builder use none other then Siteground. I moved to SG Hosting a couple of years ago and not looked back! They have brilliant support – almost no waiting for the chat support and they then actually fix and explain issues/problems. I was a relative newbie too and had to call on their support a lot including some complex technical questions similar to yours


  1. I’ve tried many over the years but two years ago settled on Cloudways using Digital Ocean servers. I just find everything so easy. Creating new instances of WordPress is a one-click job, backups are automatic, restore works well and, on the few occasions I have needed support, it’s been very good indeed. I tried SiteGround again a few weeks ago and found it remarkably easy to set up the first site but when it came to adding a second & third site, it was a real pain and seemed to treat the new sites a sub-domains of the original site? In any case, it seemed very weird to me so I asked for and received a refund.
    With Cloudways you can try their basic plan free for, I think 3 days, without giving any credit card info. Oh and scaling. Need a bigger server? Need additional servers? One-click.
    Use the Cloudways migrator plugin on any WP site on any server and you can migrate to your new server completely hassle-free and it even sorts out all the new links and permalinks for you en-route.

    Get CloudWays


    KnownHost is great. They offer the LiteSpeed webserver(Apache drop-in replacement) and Lite Speed WP-Cache Cache plugin. Very fast!
    Also, from experience stay away from anything EIG(Endurance International Group), they gobble up good hosting companies and gut them. Google you will see. I loath them.

  2. I don’t understand why would anyone waste money on these trash hosting websites? Just simply host yourself, it’s not that hard. Just you need to do a few basic research. AWS and Google Cloud are best and they also give 1-year free trial so you can practice. And both are billed according to usage so basically you are paying for what you are using. And for the domain, I prefer Google domains. It’s easy to manage with tons of options and even custom mail forwards(free).

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