Best Hosting for Avada Theme WordPress?


Best Hosting for Avada Theme WordPress? I have a WordPress site that is running the Avada theme and I’ve been on Hostgator for the past 5 years. As of late, I’ve had a nagging problem with the TTFB (time to the first byte) which is almost at a minute. I’ve exhausted every rabbit hole that is software related and am highly confident that the issue is hardware related. Hostgator refuses to acknowledge even the possibility of this. So I want to find a new hosting company.

Right now I’m thinking about DreamHost and the WordPress Hosting Should Have

  • 2 Website
  • Unlimited Website Traffic BandWidth
  • WordPress Pre-installed
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • NEW WordPress Website Builder
  • NEW Free Automated WordPress Migrations
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Privacy Protection
  • Add Email
  • Money-Back Guarantee
Best Hosting for Avada Theme WordPress

I thought about Bluehost but they are owned by Endurance who also owns Hostgator. I’m not sure I want that. Are there any other recommendations I should look at? I want to find a happy medium between price and performance/support.

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  1. WPEngine is the best hosting for Avada Theme. Whatever you do, stay away from EIG hosting companies. BlueHost was one of the worst I’ve ever used. It is more money on the surface…but WP Engine has really been worth it for me. Great support, malware avoidance, staged backup, fast site. It has all the stuff you don’t think you need until you do. I still have 2.5 years left on a 3 year hosting agreement I paid for BlueHost. WP Engine is just so much better than BlueHost or GoDaddy (the only two I have significant experience with).
    I have a site on WP Engine. Not the cheapest but rock solid hosting and their support is the best from all of the hosts I deal with. Krystal, a UK based host, are blazing fast and very good value for money.
    Flywheel is another option with One click SSL, staging sites, security, caching, crazy good support, site copying, included and CDN (+ $13/month)


    HostGator is slow but a 1 minute TTFB makes me think something else is going on. What’s the TTFB when all plugins (excluding Avada plugins) are deactivated? Is the TTFB only occurring on the home page or all pages?
    Try using some cache plugin. I am using litespeed and with LSCACHE I have TTFB below 100ms on every site on my server.
    Choose NVMe SSD based Hosting with LiteSpeed Web Server, and use LSCache for WordPress. You will enjoy the benefits of LSCache for WordPress.
    A lot of the volume players are being mentioned here – Hostgator, Dreamhost, Bluehost.
    No doubt you can achieve good speeds and not spend that much but if you really want to step up your game you should consider a specialist WordPress hosting provider.
    I highly recommend SiteGround and advise you to buy their Grow Big plan. My site performance and security improved significantly when I moved to SiteGround.
    SiteGround offer a big discount for your very first purchase, so, it really is worth buying a 3-year subscription straight up.

    Visit SiteGround Now

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