Best Gravity Forms Alternative?


Let’s Talk About Contact Form Plugins. Which Contact Form plugin do you use? Please let me know why. Are you loyal to a form plugin? If an easier to use form plugin were available and was either more affordable or the free version was better, would you consider switching? I have always used Gravity Forms, but I am not loyal to it one bit. Personally, I am not that fond of the user interface of any of the available form plugins. I also find that form plugin are expensive for what they offer. And all sorta dated, doing things the old way.

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress:

  • Gravity Forms
  • Fluent Forms
  • Elementor Pro unless I need conditional logic
  • Contact Form 7
  • WPForms
  • Caldera Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Formidable Forms
  • DIVI contact module
  • Happy Forms
  • Forminator
  • weForms

Which one is the best gravity forms alternative?

Best Gravity Forms Alternative

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  1. I have a Lifetime License for WP Fluent Forms and periodically get tempted to examine other choices, yet haven’t found any good reason to switch. On one of my non-Beaver Builder sites I used Fluent Forms to create a very long Driver Employment Application for hazmat truck drivers. Since they are governed by federal regulations, there are a lot of questions. I was able to use a lot of conditionals. Since this was done with a fully responsive theme, the form can be filled out on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone (portrait or landscape

  2. Gravity Forms Review:

    Gravity Forms is probably the best-known form plugin. Also, take a look at Fluent Forms, it’s a very comprehensive plugin (I’m using it myself, albeit only for a contact form). I’ve been used Gravity Forms for many years and still use it for some projects.

    Best Free Alternatives to Gravity Forms For WordPress

    Fluent Forms has a free version that works very well with page builders, CSS, etc. They have an upgrade Pro much like Gravity Forms. I also just completed a site for a foundation taking college scholarship applications. 4 pages of questions completed in Fluent Forms!

    Visit Fluent Forms

  3. I am not a fan of Gravity Forms. I use it at work making complex forms and the UI is dated and buggy. The developers have become to complacent and are falling behind other competitors. I think Fluent Forms is well placed to overtake Gravity Forms.

  4. I use Gravity Forms loyally. I enjoy the integrations, and of course even more with Zapier. I just feel like it’s easy to do anything with, and possibilities are endless.

    That said, I would enjoy it to be easier in some aspects for the price, or include things like gravity view and all the third-party plugins.

    If a client doesn’t want Gravity Forms and I go with a Free plugin, I use Contact Form 7. It’s popularity allows me to integrate and add-on many features and programs. I heard today it loads on every page even if it’s not displayed? I haven’t had a speed issue with it, but if so that’s something I’m not a fan of.

    I prefer drag and drop, because it’s a time saver, and I tried using WPforms instead of CF7 for a good free plugin. It’s very limited, too limited, for me. I get it’s free, GF isn’t, but I think it can provide more.

    Cognito Forms was one of my favorites, a missed update stripped it from my personal site completely (back when Gutenberg first released). So I moved away from it completely.

  5. Gravity forms has the option to save and continue, but it is the ugliest and most difficult form to customise to make it look nice.

    It is also the most expensive form solution, and the support is poor.

    Formidable forms also has this functionality, and if you choose the Professional license you can choose 6 of the premium addons including save and return later.

    It costs $99 for the initial outlay, then $66 a year after that.

    As opposed to $200 for the first year for Gravity, and then $99 a year after that.

    Gravity Forms is powerful, but unless you have a special need of many of their premium addons it is a complete waste of money. Formidable is what I would recommend.

  6. At this point, I’ve used different ones on different sites. CF7 (too cumbersome, didn’t like that you needed a second plugin for database); ninja (sooo much spam!!); caldera (liked but didnt play well with WP + expensive to upgrade); happy (loved the simplicity, but just reduced free features); Wpform (ok but expensive!)

    What I want:

    One simple plugin with no spam emails, that delivers responses to me effectively, and allows easy database management.

    I’m thinking of sticking with Happy Forms ($79-99/year).


    I’ve used Gravity Forms and WeForms. GF may be because good marketing and they are positioned as one of the leaders. WeForms, because ease of use. Nevertheless, they basically do the same thing. A big differentiator would be to be able to easily customize the form (but not CSS), the way we do in Elementor. The day someone has something like would be the absolute leader. Bonus: easy to use dashboard to manage DB of data capture.


    Elementor Pro. Would consider switching if I could find a better free option that is easy to use. (I do this for a nonprofit organization and need to prepare for someone else to take it over at some point.)

  7. Gravity forms, mainly because I’m still under the old payment of $99/year for unlimited sites. If I had to choose though, I would choose WPForms, but the expensive $299 price doesn’t justify me leaving gravity forms.

  8. I was fortunate to be an early adopter of Formidable Forms (2014 ish) and have a ‘grandfathered’ license. While it is a powerful forms tool, there are features not included in the license I do have: Better ACF support (eg. gallery fields) – support for GEO fields (address to geo co-ordinates) – alternative payment options (eg stripe). To get the ‘full compliment’ of features is price prohibitive right now. I’m continually on the lookout for a replacement, if the price is right

  9. I use CF7 99.9% of the time, mainly because of its flexibility, and I can style it with UABB or Powerpack for BB. I would definitely be open to others if they were trustworthy and well supported. I have only tried Ninja forms once, and offhand I can’t remember why I wasn’t wowed by it.

  10. I’m looking into a way to create a survey, quiz and to display then user’s results in a chart. I’d like the user to be able to view their individual results when there come back later.

    It seems with most form plugins have to pay for the top tier form package then add on a quiz add on then add a chart view add on.

    It’s just too much all together.

  11. We are 100% on the same page. Been using Gravity Forms for 3 years now. Definitely not loyal, but haven’t found anything worth switching to. However I have been using Elementor forms more for simple contact forms.

  12. I’m using ninjaform because it allow me to program multiple actions after submit a form.

    Example: I can send multiple email using different template, sync to more than 1 platform, use condition logic to control what email to send after submit.

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