What is the Best Custom Post Type Plugin?


What is the Best Custom Post Type Plugin? I’m looking for a quick and easy way to create a ‘plant’ post type with custom fields. Then I need to create a user-friendly form for my client to enter the various plant information they want to catalog over time. I have been looking into ACF, Pods, & WordPress custom fields but since I have no prior experience with custom fields I have been spending too much time just figuring out where to start. I currently have Beaver Builder Pro, Beaver Theme, Themer, and Power Pack. Can I easily accomplish this without purchasing another tool? Or is there a modestly priced tool that would make this task super easy? Thanks for any suggestions and/or tutorial links!

Best Custom Post Type Plugin
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  1. ACF is the Best Custom Fields Plugin. Just get it for testing and then even if you don’t use it you have it for a lifetime and can come back to it on a different project. PODs are good too but AFC is more refined. I also like Metabox which isn’t mentioned but worth a mention. Pick up their lifetime when it goes on sale. Some aspects are better than ACF behind the scenes, but again ACF is still more refined and stable. If you don’t have true developers making the custom content or more front end based developers, AFC is definitely the best I’ve used. Never used Jet Engine. Toolset is also good, but just not my preference. Metabox is the lightest weight and quickest and begins to shine in larger sites, but not the greatest builder but has lots you can do in the code. ACF is the biggest community behind it and that alone makes it a good choice, but also the most refined end product. PODs seems to be somewhere in between. I tend to lean on Metabox for a project that I plan on making my own plugins for and ACF for a project that will be shifting a lot or most likely not going to turn into a large site and I just need to get it done. You could even use both as Metabox will make CPT for you as, but the norm seems to be the ACF and CPTUI combo.

  2. Pods Custom Post Types and Fields WordPress plugin:

    I use pods for all custom post types and taxonomies. The only thing it lacks is repeatable fields although there’s a plugin you can use to add those if you need. But almost all sites I build now use Elementor, pods, and the Elementor custom skin plugin.


    The reason I prefer coding CPT is that the client should not have the opportunity to break the site structure by playing with some plugin settings. As far as I can remember some of these plugins have the option to save the configuration in code so that it can’t be changed.


    No experience with Pods or Toolset, but ACF all the way. You can easily export your fields as JSON data so if somehow the plugin ever goes away, the field data is available directly in your theme files. That said if ACF ever breaks I’m afraid the internet is in a world of trouble.

  3. ACF, Pods, Types, Meta Box, CMB2 help you handle custom fields in WP. In a higher level – any custom data that you can think about, and relationships between them. If your needs are just simple data, for presentation only, these plugins might be the best choice as you can hand-code all of your custom fields. They really shine if you want to handle many fields, sometimes complicated fields like image upload, or groups. In terms of maintenance, there are pros and cons: pros – they help you reduce code, especially repeated code; cons – you depend on them. The cons are not as big as these are big plugins with a large user base. They’re active in the development and they open-source on Github, just in case you find any problem, you can fork them.
    I use the Toolset Types. Simple, efficient, powerful, makes me serve my clients better by being faster and cleaner. Used pods once, and found it good but more complicated. I would love to find this kind of functionality in the core, like in Drupal. Then, WordPress would become a full CMS.

  4. PODs is a really great way to make custom post types (CPT) if you’ve never done that before. All very easy to set up and get going with. I have also in the past seen forms for front end submission of entries too. Pretty sure PODs has a shortcode to spit out a form for that sort of thing.
    It can do the custom fields as well but is a bit more limited at that part than ACF and MetaBox. I usually use it first, then if I find I need more advanced fields, I’ll switch that part over to metabox.
    You’ll probably find more control using a forms Plugin like Fluent Forms for front end submission, but it’s also more work than, say, the pods shortcode.

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