Best CRM Plugin For WordPress: FluentCRM vs Groundhogg vs Jetpack CRM?


What is the Best WordPress CRM solution that is either free or one off cost for small startup companies?  Looking for the best CRM system for 5 of my WordPress website. It needs to:

  1. Sync subscription when they registered and know when they canceled it.
  2. It needs to work with woocommerce

I need the best CRM to automate WordPress conversions. I mean literally automate everything from managing leads, emails recording calls, and all that stuff. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Best CRM Plugin For WordPress - FluentCRM vs Groundhogg vs Jetpack CRM
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  1. I am super excited after trying the Fluent CRM advanced email marketing automation tool and got the FluentCRM early bird LIFETIME deal which is ending in a few hours.
    Groundhogg is $40 a month – if you get the lifetime deal for Fluent CRM ( which is running out in the next few hours – it will move to an annual plan)) Amazon SES is $1 per 10,000 emails so I think that it keeps your costs down – there are CRM components already in Fluent such as client email threading – but they have stated in its present state it is only 20% of what is on the roadmap and they develop very fast I believe very soon it will do 90% of what you would ever need at 10% of the cost and it will only get better. 
    Why Fluent CRM is the best CRM Plugin for WordPress:

    • Manage unlimited contacts or subscribers
    • Unlimited email campaigns
    • Automated user segmentation
    • Automation Funnel Builder
    • Drip or Sequence emails
    • 360° view of an individual contacts
    • In-detailed reporting and stats of your emails including click, open rate, and more!

    Get FluentCRM Lifetime License

  2. civiCRM has come a long way with its WordPress integration. This is a serious CRM – my biggest issue is usually hiding features from the client as it’s fully featured and can be overwhelming.

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