Best cloudways alternatives?


I’m seriously thinking to move away from Cloudways and need your help in understanding a few things. To be fair, Cloudways has been good with their service and support but I want to explore Lightspeed/OLS which they don’t offer yet. Here are a few things I need to understand:

1. While the monthly cost can reduce drastically by going to DO+OLS, how difficult is it to manage the server for someone who’s a beginner when it comes to server management?
2. Will it suffice if I hire someone for the initial setup only?
3. If not, does it make better sense to go with services like Runcloud/Server Pilot/Plio, etc.? Will I be able to manage the server myself in that case?
4. I know many of you like Closte, but their unique pricing is too confusing to assess the costs. Any reliable way to figure out the monthly costs?

To be clear, my primary objective is speed and performance. And the secondary objective is running monthly cost.

Ali Akkas 3 months 2021-01-14T20:19:14+00:00 0 Answers 0

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