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  1. I Prefer A Theme You Can Do Anything With Like WPAstra, OceanWP, GeneratePress. Just Add Your Page Builder And You Are Set. It Depends On What You Want To Build. In General A Good Theme Is A Light Coded Theme That Gives You The Basics To Put Your Content. After That For Design And Functionality You Can Use Page Builder Like Elementor. I Always Use OceanWP Or GeneratePress Theme Or WPAstra Theme With Elementor And I Can Do Anything I Want


    My Advice Is Not To Look For A Multi Functional Theme. Themes Are For Layouts And Are A Design Element, Not A Functional Element. Functional Elements Should Be Provided By Plugins, That What They Are For.


    So In My Opinion The Best WordPress Themes Are:

    1: OceanWP : A Complete Theme For Any Kinds Of Website OceanWP Is A Multipurpose Theme Means You Can Create A Simple Blog To eCommerce Website. You Can Also Use OceanWP For Educational LMS Website. Theme Are Basically The Base For Layouts. The Functionality Comes With Plugins In Most Of The Cases. OceanWP Is Fully Responsive Design To Adjust Your Website For Tablets Or Smartphones. OceanWP Is A Blazing Fast WordPress Theme. The Page  Load Speed Of OceanWP WordPress Theme Is Lower Then 99% Of Other Themes On The Market. Page Loading Time Of A Website Is Not Only Important To Users But Also For Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Baidu. OceanWP Will Give Your WordPress Website A Fast Loading Time. It’s Tested By Me And Lot Of Other Developers. OceanWP Is 100% Compatible With Woocommerce. OceanWP Is Greatly Optimized For SEO. Keeping Search Engine Optimization In Mind While Coding A Theme Tedious Job And OceanWP Has Done It Very Well. OceanWP Is Translation Ready WordPress Theme And Also Support Rtl. OceanWP Has A Simplified Translation Process For Other Languages. Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi Are RTL Languages And OceanWP Is RTL(Right To Left) Supported. To Me Support From The Theme Developer Is A Very Important Factor. OceanWP Has Effective Support Team All The Time For Any Issues Discovered With The Theme.


    2: WPAstra: All The Words I Said For OceanWP Can Be Also Applicable To WPAstra Theme. WPAstra Is Another Lightweight Most Popular WordPress Theme Leading By OceanWP Currently.


    3: GeneratePress: Another Theme In This List Is GeneratePress. I Love This Theme. It’s Lightweight And Even Lightweight Then OceanWP And WPAstra. GeneratePress Has Modular Design And With The 14 14 Modules You Will Be Able To Do Unlimited Customization. GeneratePress Is Developer Friendly. You Can Add Hooks And Filters Without Altering The Theme Files. This Is A Great Feature. Your Change To The Theme Codes Won’t Loss After Update Even Without Child Themes. And Most Importantly With GeneratePress Every Option Is Available Right Inside The Customization Feature Of WordPress Theme.


    I Can Extend The List More But I Never Used Any Themes Out Of This Three Unless There Is A Client Requirement.


    OceanWP, WPAstra And GeneratePress Are The Best WordPress Theme For Any Purpose. Now I Will Add The List Of Most Popular WordPress Theme Of All Time.



    Most Popular WordPress Themes

    1: Divi By Elegantthemes:  Despite Having Lot Of Negative Ratings From The Developer Community Divi Theme Is Still Most Installed WordPress Theme As Of 2019! As Chris Leema Said If You Want To Use Divi WordPress Theme, Use It For Forever. Because If You Uninstall Or Deactivate Divi Theme It Will Left Tons Of ShortCode To Your Layout And Nothing Else. This Is The Big Disadvantage Of Divi Theme. But For A Small Business Which Don’t Require Much Functionality, I Still Recommend Divi Theme To Them Because Of It’s Flexible Pricing.!!


    2: Genesis Framework: You Can Use  The Genesis WordPress Theme Framework To Create SEO friendly WordPress Website Design . If You Use Genesis Theme You Don’t Need To Worry About Theme Code Wither It’s SEO Friendly, Load Times Optimized, Or Security Because The Code Reviewed By WordPress Security Expert Mark Jaquith. Genesis Framework Is The Parent Theme And You Need To Use A Child Theme With The Framework. There Are Nearly 100 Paid And Free Child Theme Available For The Framework. You Don’t Have To Pay Twice For The Genesis Framework(Parent Theme) And The Child Theme Of Genesis Framework. Genesis Framework Comes Free With It’s Child Themes. The CEO Of Automattic, The Guy Who Created WordPress Praised The Beauty Of Genesis Theme Framework. Genesis Child Themes Are Also Known For It’s Highly Customizable Designs. It Is Highly Compatibility With Most Of The Plugins So There Are  Less Chance Of Errors Or Plugin Compatibility Issue With Theme.


    3: GeneratePress Theme: Here GeneratePress WordPress Theme Strikes Again. Indeed GeneratePress Is One Of The Most Installed WordPress Theme Ever. GeneratePress, The Beauty!

    Best answer
  2. The best theme for elementor page builder:

    There is no best theme. It all depends on your needs and ability. If you are new to Elementor you probably don’t want to start with Hello. If you are asking this question you probably don’t know Elementor that well and face a learning curve. Find a theme that is close to what you want to end up with and go with that. Once you establish a rhythm with Elementor, this question will take care of itself.

    I’ve gathered some of the best theme for Elementor. I have tried them all. Generatepress, Astra, OceanWP are probably the best full-featured themes, even better is their pro versions.

    • Hello Theme: If you don’t want a lot of theme stuff Hello is probably your best bet. And it was created by the same people that created Elementor. I have tried the hello theme I like it but my problem it has no place to assign the sticky header if you want it to be a different color and also have a different image. It’s the one thing that has made me shy away from it. Not recommended because even free version of Astra is faster the blank slate Hello Theme
    • Layers Theme: The Layers theme is more associated with their page builder. Still has a long way to go, sticking with WPAstra or page builder framework for now, but looking forward to Future development Not recommended.
    • Sydney Theme: Checking the Sydney theme demo on my iPhone and judging by that I would stay far away. Not working at all!
    • GeneratePress Theme: Did several sites with GeneratePress Pro and Elementor. Absolutely recommend GeneratePress and Elementor combo. MUCH better combo than any theme with Visual Builder. And your site will load fast too compared to resource-heavy themes. And yes, you can do just about anything with them. It will just take you a bit to learn all the ins and outs of Elementor.
      Both GeneratePress and Elementor have active groups here on FB too. Lots of help available. GP and is lightweight, well coded, excellent theme.
    • OceanWP: I used OceanWP with Elementor and it provides a large number of customization options. But I don’t use anymore as they use Freemius SaaS tools which is very annoying.
    • Astra Theme: Astra is really customizable, but already has a lot of preset options without the need for Elementor if you don’t want to use it. I’m finding it’s better to purchase the pro version of Astra & Elementor. The websites don’t seem to “break” when there are updates if you have the pro versions installed.
    • Neve Theme: Neve is pretty solid for a blog, has tons of layout options.
    • Page Builder Framework: I use the free Page Builder Framework, I was going to pay for it later.
    • Phlox Pro: I found it to be bloated and hard to figure out. The documentation didn’t cover many of the things I wanted to understand. I gave up on it.
    • Jupiter X: They relied so heavily on Elementor, it would be almost the same thing as grabbing Hello and then building headers, footers, and page content with Elementor and calling it a theme. As I dissected one of Jupiter X demos, that’s what it looked like.

    I won’t rely on Elementor only for my site, what if Elementor get issues? Astra for e.g as well as other themes like Neve or GP would allow you to keep some general settings plus offer the same design for different builders.

  3. Free vs Premium WordPress Themes:

    Start with a free theme, there are several. As you work on your site you’ll learn what features you really need to want in your final site and what features are optional. It’s easy to upgrade to a paid theme once you narrow down what you need.

    Best Premium WordPress Theme:

    Astra Pro over any other theme for elementor. Astra license is unlimited, you can get it cheap from someone who has it. For testing and initial use maybe.

    Elementor Hello Theme vs Astra Theme:

    Astra Pro has some great added features, I was under the impression hello was a little sparse functionality-wise? But what I’m trying to get at is if there is too much of an overlap of features between Astra Pro and Elementor, or whether they complement each other well?

    Download Astra Theme

  4. My advice is not to look for a multi functional theme. Themes are for layouts and are a design element, not a functional element. Functional elements should be provided by plugins, that what they are for. I Use GeneratePress for all of my clients site.

  5. Which theme for woocommerce?

    I use Divi for all of our client projects – it offers complete flexibility, allowing you to design any layout imaginable. Additionally, the support, training videos, and backup provided by Divi is excellent. (I have been designing websites for 12 years, using Joomla! and WordPress, and in this time, I have purchased and used hundreds of themes/templates, and Divi is the clear winner, for me).

    Get Divi Theme

  6. Best WordPress Theme 2020:

    No theme, just Oxygen builder. You could make it anything you want. Super customizable and WooCommerce ready.

  7. Elementor vs Themify vs Thrive Themes:

    It’s based on personal preference. I start with themify, quite easy to use, but not really flexible & a bit heavy (at that time, not sure now). Then move to thrive. The templates are good & conversion driven. But not really a fan of their theme. Now I’m quite comfortable with Elementor, they have a lot of compatible external plugin for adding extra features. & not bad for overall.

    Elementor have this option for “Elementor Canvas”, it will give you a blank page & you can just use their widget or template to design the site. So like me myself, I don’t really rely on a theme, I usually design the page from scratch or based on the Elementor page template. You can use the “Hello Theme”, it’s a free theme created by elementor team. But I would say it’s best to use if you got the paid pro version. But yeah, I would say it depends on your style/ way of working. I feel it’s more flexible working this way compared to using the design from themes.

  8. Divi and Elementor:

    Both Divi and Elementor have a great reputation. I use Divi myself and it’s been great but really, it’s up to you, I don’t think either would be the wrong choice.

    Visit Divi Theme

  9. Best WordPress theme for magazine blog:

    Newspaper is the best WordPress theme for a magazine blog. I have used it in 2 of my site and they are just working awesome and looking classy. There are like about 30+ Newspaper demo templates, you can see in their theme demo page and their composer is also very fluid kind of. I just love the Newspaper theme is definitely one of the best in the market for online magazines/blogs and newspapers. It doesn’t end there you can make almost any kind of website from their theme. It’s really flexible and easy to use theme


    Flatsome vs Woodmart:

    I used to be a fan of flatsome. But it fell way behind with commerce-oriented updates. It’s 2020 and still doesn’t have real support for more than one variation image I’m loving woodmart. Has almost everything for an updated commerce-oriented theme. Flatsome theme has UX Builder which is almost same comparing with WP Bakery.

  10. OceanWP vs Astra for Elementor:

    I have used OceanWP with Elementor and Divi with good results. I don’t believe you need Astra. And yes, visual builders do decrease performance and that is why I use Oxygen builder when I am working on large website design projects and I don’t a performance hit.

    Oxygen Builder Review:

    Oxygen builder is fairly easy to use and it is easier getting easier with each successive update and the team behind it is releasing a LOT of updates to it which continues to make it better and better. I am not affiliated with them, but I have had no issues with the builder and it disables the theme tab, so you don’t need to use a multipurpose theme with it…

    With that being said, I still use other builders (due to previous site designers, customer requests, etc) and I find Neve to be a great multipurpose theme as well. Recently had to do a full WCAG 2.0 approved site and the customer specifically requested Divi and I added Neve as the theme and used the Divi builder plugin and the site loads quickly and it is a beautiful design that implements all WCAG requirements from the ADA.

    Oxygen Builder and Gutenberg:

    Oxygen comes with a Gutenberg add-on that you can implement so the client can make easy content changes without having to encounter Oxygen builder themselves.

  11. I meant Astra WordPress Theme with Elementor Page Builder. Great combination for beginners. Start out with the free versions for each, watch the help videos (great support/training from each). If you like them, purchase the pro versions.
    most popular and best wordpress themes


    DIVI Theme has a plugin (DIVI BUILDER) that makes everything so much easier for newbies with WORDPRESS. Actually, also for experts, This plugin can be used with most themes, so you get the easiness of Divi but with the theme that you like.


    Sounds like DIVI is in the lead. Not that a site or need can’t “grow out” of a theme that is initially chosen but I wanted to ask the question. Many if not all of you have experience in areas that I do not. That is the beauty of a community like this. Help from others in the same boat is always welcome. We all benefit! Thank you !

  12. Well, after reading some of the comments about Divi on here, I decided to give it a try. WHAT A MISTAKE! I am rarely as disappointed in a product as I am in DIVI. The company’s promotional videos stress how easy it is to use. That’s a bunch of BS. It is difficult to use and after trying to follow the company’s documentation, it appears to have been written by someone who does not speak English.

    I am very disappointed in that theme.


    If you can’t see why and/or figure out how to use DIVI…pay someone else to make your website lol The documentation is awesome. They literally have a video that shows you how to use every module. I have over 50 clients that are having great success with divi. They JUST reaped a visual builder AFTER years of perfecting the back end modules.

  13. Go with popular themes with lots of support. I use DIVI for my clients. Another I recommend is BEAVER BUILDER/Theme. These are not styled themes but rather blank templates. If you go with a custom/styled theme like a Genesis child theme, make sure it’s from a reputable source with lots of support and a big community like studio press and that you read their documentation carefully on how to use their theme to make it look right.

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