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  1. Crocoblock is the best addons pack for Elementor. It is not just an addon for Elementor, it is better than Elementor itself. Especially because JetPopup has some cool features that Elementor Pro’s popups do not. I picked up a Crocoblock Lifetime Everything Deal on Jan 2019. They’ve got some good stuff. Not sure where the offer originated from but still active with no yearly fees. I use Elementor because of Crocoblock, I didn’t use all the Jet Plugins but JetEngine is really enough to choose Crocoblock over all other addons
    Why Crocoblock is the best Elementor Addons Pack:

    • The starter Kava theme included in the bundle.
    • Multiple demos and new Demos added every month.
    • Lifetime Usage for Powerful Jet Plugins including JetElements, JetMenu, JetBlog, JetReviews, JetTabs, JetWooBuilder, JetTricks, JetBlocks & JetCore, JetEngine.
    • Header & Footer builder. Allows creating headers and footers with any content and style
    • Premium 24/7 lifetime support;
    • Pre-designed Modular Functionality. 500+ pre-made blocks which can be used in a few clicks to the page becoming the building blocks for the website.
    • HQ image pack for many niches.

    It perfectly suits for the beginner WordPress & Elementor users.

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    Crocoblock will give you a lot for its price. But another way to think about “addons” is “What can I add on to make better website experiences beyond what I can do with Elementor pretty well already? What will offer my clients the best value that might help me increase my value in a competitive marketplace?” In that mindset, I would suggest “addons” such as WP Rocket and ShortPixel and a security plugin. Especially WP Rocket.
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  2. I am using Elementor Pro and don’t see any need for add-ons. It’s everything you need in one plugin. I think crocoblock has a large number of additional elements.

  3. Add ons are not good. You end up having to pay more and install dozens of them when you just need a small feature from each and they will just be slowing down your website. I’m fairly disappointed with Crocoblock addons. Also, I don’t recommend them because there are a lot of basic features that I believe Elementor should have natively but I think they don’t add it to not damage /scare away the third party developers and they have been seriously falling behind last year. If you really know zero about coding, then Elementor. If you’re interested in having much more flexibility, faster speeds, and learning some more coding, then I would go Oxygen builder.

  4. I think, That totally depends on your needs. I have used most of the addons, I end up using The essential addons for elementor for most of my projects now on, As It fits as per my needs. The EA Addnons has almost everything such as good widgets, nice listing features, great features in plus extras which helped me to do most of custom elementor things. And Most importantly, It’s blazing fast. But When needed, I use other addons, If needed specifically for features. Crocoblock is nice if you need complex development needs but do take care as their widgets sometimes conflict with each other and stuck in between. Hope this helps.
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  5. I would suggest going with The Plus Addons, I have used most of those widgets and from the last few projects, I am sticking with The Plus Addons. Only in some cases, I use any other addons such as CrocoBlock or anyone. Previously I was using CrocoBlock but that seems to be very complex now and It also has many conflicts internally with their own widgets. I have started with Ultimate in my Elementor journey but I have put that aside as many other more advanced options available. The plus also has a nice performance after their new update. I suggest to try it out.
    I have selected that because it has lots of design options and have very unique designs. I can not mention each here but their morphing, special backgrounds, lottifiles, carousel remote, segmentation background, and many others, and on top of it, they have productive improvements of elementor in their plus extras. I think You should look in more depth about it.
    Element pack has the advantage of the number of widgets but when I take a deep look, I found many of their widget names is wrote just to make a list longer. But, some widgets are unique in them which are not available anywhere.
    My all needed things are already covered when I compare it with premium addons. Again, some are unique but not worth


    Aside from the various addons that expand your widgets, I find Anywhere Elementor to be SUPER useful!


    For me Anywhere Elementor Pro is #1 addon. I cannot build my websites without. AE lets you create your own tiles, which you can use in a post grid, page carousel, and much, much more. It also works seamlessly with Advanced Custom Fields (another plugin I can’t do without).


    Dynamic Content For Elementor is the best addon. It really expands the possibilities. PHP Raw + Visibility. I must say that having tried a few add-ons, I’ve now pretty much abandoned all ‘design-led’ plugins which just add a few interesting widgets at the price of potential performance. Crocoblock also has some good addons, especially the smart filters. Used that a lot recently.


    I hope one day that we can buy widgets instead of a complete plugin pack. Sometimes you only need one or two widgets but you have to buy the whole thing.
    My Best Addons for Elementor: Ultimate addon and Elementor Extra. If I need ACF repeater I use Anywhere Elementor Pro. Won’t touch anything else.
    I’m surprised to see Crocoblock as popular. I’ve never used it. Ultimate Addons for Elementor should be mentioned, having read a lot of good reviews about it. It’s a minefield

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