What is the best abandoned cart plugin for Woocommerce


What’s the best Abandoned Cart Plugin these days? Looking at free and paid options.

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    Best free one i have ever used is the free one by Cartflows. Recovered lots of abandoned WooCommerce carts using it


    Not sure about the best, but Mailchimp works for us. Recovered approx. 800 carts (~£20k) in last 12 months from 7000 emails sent. Have ours set for 6 hours after user leaves their cart.


    I use AutomateWoo. Good for abandoned carts plus other email automations such as welcome email sequences.


    The plugin of cartflows or automatewoo. The strategy works in some cases, But please be aware: it’s NOT GDPR compliant. It’s just waiting on the first five-number fine… which means: put it on mail and let it be confirmed by your client, or you’ll get the fine.

    Please note that this is illegal in the European Union due to GDPR, unless you have the explicit allowance from the person that he/she wants to receive marketing emails. If your customers are outside of the EU, do whatever you want


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