Beaver Builder vs Divi?


Beaver Builder vs Divi? I started working for a client that has a WP website that might need a major overhaul. It’s built on something called Beaver Builder. I’ve worked with Elementor and Divi before (Divi just recently) and found Divi to be overwhelmingly powerful, fun and fairly easy to use

Would it be possible to easily ‘migrate’ or start using Divi in parallel with Beaver as I start updating and adding to the website? Anyone with experience in using Beaver? I’ve heard that while Divi might be slightly more powerful, the Beaver is more lightweight and a bit snappier to use than the slightly more heavy Divi theme.

Your thoughts much appreciated. Thank you!

Beaver Builder vs Divi

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  1. Beaver Builder is a very good page builder if it is the paid version, I would stick with it if it is up to date. It’s no bad thing to be comfortable with different page builders.
    Beaver is more lightweight and a bit snappier to use than the slightly more heavy Divi theme. The lightweight winner is Oxygen Builder followed very closely by Beaver Builder. It doesn’t mean it is the best, but it’s a massive head start in the speed stakes, whereas Divi is a little more ‘hold your hand’ in the design stakes.

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  2. Most builders work fine. In my opinion, there is no “best” builder — you should always use the one you feel most comfortable with, and that best fit’s the requirements of your project.
    I use DIVI because I like the user interface and the responsiveness in the official forums. I have tried Oxygen and while the functionality is great, I’m not a fan of the user interface. Beaver feels a bit “cheap” and “improvised” to me, gives me a bit of an outdated whiff (not fair, but, again, it’s a feeling, not a fact). I do like but it is a bit slow and their own website is a bit buggy, so I have reservations towards it, even though I used it for a few projects in the past and it worked well for what I was doing.
    TDLR: Select the builder that does what you need it to do and that you feel comfortable using.

  3. Divi is easier for a client to make changes themselves. It is the most user-friendly theme I’ve run across…so there are benefits to the client, of course. And then there is the longevity of it. What good is getting your client a cheaper theme if in 18 months the author abandons it, and the client needs a whole new site? If a theme is discontinued, it doesn’t continue to be compatible with updated WordPress Core files, nor update PHP versions.
    I have redone enough sites of abandoned themes and plugins to know that it is possible to get at least a good 5 years or more if you choose with that mind. Divi, (or elegant themes) a company like that will be around for decades or more…a company like that is not an individual author…they don’t just stop doing what they are doing. And that was my main point. that is definitely an advantage to the client…security in knowing they have the newest and most relevant code to the time. and that is not something easy to find. If I were to refer a ‘cheaper’ theme to my client…there are only about 5 I would recommend, for that very reason. It’s a real problem in the long run, in the grand scheme of things.
    and then there are the people who spend thousands of dollars to get “custom” coded sites…if they don’t hang to their developers, their themes NEVER get updated…and if you are unlucky to come along and have to fix or update stuff down the road, it’s a pain if it’s even doable at all…
    So there are some real advantages to a theme like Divi which is why it’s so popular.
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  4. Have you tried Oxygen Builder? I have Divi and Oxygen and while I really like Divi I’m very impressed with the flexibility and versatility and logic of Oxygen. I use both for different sites.
    I have one client left with Beaver Builder. Updating their content takes twice as long as with Divi, so when I get free time, their site will be transformed into Divi. The BB licensing model is also weird, my client has to pay 199$/year for theme + builder, so moving to Divi will save them lots.

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  5. Divi vs Beaver Builder:

    1. Divi is better
    2. create a staging site and design the website there
    3. move the site to the main domain when done
    4. crack open a beer

    Beaver was one of the first builders to be visual and it’s incredibly popular.
    I’ve used both and prefer Divi or Elementor but that’s more though familiarity than anything else. Give it a go and see how you go. That said maybe if it’s a major overhaul then just start again in your preferred builder.

    Divi vs Beaver Builder

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