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  1. I don’t see how switching AutoResponder providers is going to increase your sub count. Focus on switching up your lead magnet and/or split testing optin forms. Switch providers later, if u feel it necessary.

    Best of Luck

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    I have used Aweber for 10 years and absolutely LOVE them. Have tried most of the options out there and deliverability wise Aweber blows pretty much everyone away. What exact functionality are you not seeing with aweber that you need?

    Aweber can accomplish any of the automation you would ever need.

    The only real downside I have run across is that their automation setup isn’t as “pretty” as others like getresponse, that’s it.

    PS: You have under 1,000 subs you shouldn’t be worrying about whether to switch email providers, you need to be concentrating on growing your business!

  2. Well, there are many email marketing platforms out in the market
    Any one who tell you to go with MailChimp, sorry to tell you while it’s free it worth shit…
    The real competition is between GetResponse to Aweber and I have been using both
    I can tell you GetResponse is more easy to use and with a bit more automation
    They are even cheaper so…Go on GetResponse


    Spend the extra 10 bucks, save yourself the headache, and go with ConvertKit.

    Well worth it if you asked me, I can give you an affiliate link, which is attached to this posting that will offer you a 30 day trial(Reach out to Me for access to the trial link).

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