Avada Theme vs X Theme?


Serious competition for Avada?

Avada Theme vs X Theme?

Has anyone seen the Pro version of X by Themeco? Avada and X often get similar reviews (although I personally prefer Avada WORDPRESS Theme over X) but now Themeco seems to have a next level WordPress Page Builder. Does anyone know if a similar builder is on the road map with the Avada team too?

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  1. I’ve got a couple of X Pro sites already built. It compared to Fusion Builder is sort of like apples and oranges. The huge difference is that Cornerstone ( X ) uses the native WP customizer as a wysiwyg layout builder; very different from Fusion Builder. I think Fusion Builder beats Cornerstone on one key issue for me; they refuse to add a Blog element into the builder elements that are available. It’s incredibly stupid imo to not allow you to build a page that includes the full blog instead of being forced into using only the native blog.

    Xpro introduces flexbox into a new editor that kinda looks and operates like if Fusion Builder and Cornerstone had a kid. For one thing, it’s friggin deep on settings. If you think Avada’s WordPress Theme options are deep, with Xpro you best bring your high waders and a whole lot of patience. Again, once you have a grasp on what flexbox is and can do; having all of those settings along with more than the average in-theme css settings available, you can do a lot. Xpro also introduces a header and footer builder that is very powerful, can do a bunch of really neat things if you take the time to plan. BUT… if you’re having a problem just wrapping your head around Avada and don’t know at least basic to intermediate css/html then don’t even consider purchasing or using Xpro (or X for that matter); they call it pro for a very darn good reason.

    I prefer Avada more so than X, but they are only tools. If a client site requires things that I require to build the site that only Xpro offers instead of Avada…I try to use the correct tool for the job alls i’m sayin.

  2. I use multiple themes, it all depends on the project. Am enjoying GeneratePress with Elementor Page Builder on a new site I’m doing.

    I massively use Thrive Architect for creating landing pages also. See Thrive Architect vs OptimizePress Review

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