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    The faster and more responsive a website is, the more it will be taken into consideration by search engines for better SERP.

    Why SiteGround over Aruba?
    Because it is powerful, amazingly fast, reliable and cheap also for what you get. Also this year SiteGround has data center based in different regions. This will mean even more loading speed for your website in the all territory of the World

    Aruba Hosting Pros:
    Aruba, Founded in 1994 is one of the largest web hosting companies in Eastern Europe. it is a major provider of web hosting and security services throughout Europe, including France, the United Kingdom and Germany. They have also specialized in providing services to Eastern Europe in recent years. Aruba provides numerous domain services in addition to registration and standard transfer.

    Aruba vs SiteGround: Which Is Best Web Hosting?
    If you want to have a super performing web hosting then without a doubt the best choice is SiteGround . This does not mean that Aruba is a completely wrong choice. It is however one of the best web hosting companies with more customers especially in Eastern Europe. For this reason,in recent years it has had an overload of their servers due to the many websites hosted. Also take a look at how to Speed Up WordPress Website Loading? and WP Rocket vs Litespeed Cache? Best caching plugin for WordPress?

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