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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )

Podia Review

Podia Review

I set up my courses on Podia years ago, when they were new, so was only paying $29/month.

A few months ago I decided to set up a membership site but I really wanted a forum and Podia don’t offer that, so I decided to use Kajabi but kept my courses on Podia for the time being since it wasn’t a huge cost and I wasn’t sure how it would work to have products and membership.

And now I’ve realized that Kajabi won’t work for me, for various reasons, so I’ve built a new membership site on WordPress (using MemberPress). I’m still deciding what to do with the courses on Podia. Memberpress now has a course option, so I could move the courses and it’s not a huge number of people. But I like the idea of the WP site being solely for my members. I’m making a bit of money on my courses at the moment so I don’t mind paying the $29/month to Podia.

I really like Podia and the only reason I didn’t go with them was that they didn’t have a forum. If you’re using a FB group or some other software for your conversations then perhaps have another look and see if you can do your membership with them.

Podia is definitely the best value for what you get. I would not recommend it as an all in one funnel/membership tool. It is extremely limited, as far as a funnel and marketing tool.

Selling Products with Podia

Podia isn’t an eCommerce platform but a membership /subscription platform where you couldn’t run an eCommerce store. For small catalogs, it’s totally doable. However for a full-blown eCommerce not so much. Hopefully, that’s a feature they add soon. No transaction fees would sure be nice.

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Me and My Soulmate(BF) @JaforAhmed working really hard to give support to people using WordPress CMS. This is the project we started Nov 2018 and we are growing at a slow pace. Live Chat And Support Services For WordPress is available 24/7 I have a bachelor on Business Administration and A Post graduate Diploma In Information & technology. Since then i started playing with web and my Soulmate, As an Web Engineer always helped me to rise in each and every steps of technology

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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )