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Gravity Forms Review

Gravity Forms Review

Gravity Forms is the leading form builder tool with a massive number of extensions. You can build and publish your WordPress forms in just minutes. Although the UI is outdated for now, It’s still the leading WordPress form builder plugin with lots of features.

I’ve had a dev license of Gravity Forms for a few years now. I include maintenance for one-year post-launch for my websites, and that manages the licensing issue. If the client doesn’t extend licensing for year 2 and beyond, I detach my key. They have the option to purchase their own copy (those not using premium add-owns can get a basic license starting at around $35) or switch to something else meaning a form re-do.
The initial dev purchase is $199 for unlimited installs plus access to a growing cadre of add-ons and support. Renewals are 50% before expiry. It’s easy to bury the cost in overhead and pass the license as a value-add to loyal clients. I do that with several premiums.

Gravity is pretty flexible when it comes to functionality. You can use it as optin, pop up, signup form, etc. Pretty flexible as for design when you know CSS, and logically easy when you want to do complex form logics with math or “yes or no” stuff.

Gravity is good but not appealing.

Make sure to check the integration tools. One thing I have found is integrations cost more time and money than the tool. If you have integration with specific services it’s well worth review of those as you make your decision. Gravity forms are my choice personally but I made that based on the integration requirements.

Gravity Forms FAQ

Is there a free version of Gravity Forms?

No, Gravity Forms is 100% paid WordPress form plugin.

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