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Cloud Hosting is mostly a marketing term that gets intentionally misused by providers.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

The true sense of the cloud is the ability to spin up virtual servers automatically by an app to handle more capacity and spin down those virtual servers when they are no longer needed. To take advantage of this cloud, the application must be engineered to use components of a cloud provider like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, MSFT Azure or even DigitalOcean for example. To engineer such setup, it’s expensive and it’s something not needed by 99%+ of the WordPress websites out there.

When Should You Use Cloud Hosting?

Look at Netflix for example, they see a huge increase of visitors during prime time tv slot at night, their system recognizes this and spins up an army of additional server workers to increase capacity. As people go to sleep that capacity is no longer needed and the system kills off the server workers. Instead of them investing in always-on dedicated capacity they take advantage of the cloud to always have just enough to serve the visitors, the cloud allows them to save millions of dollars. This apparently infinite ability to keep expanding and shrinking in capacity is where the word cloud comes from.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting:

The cloud is nothing magical, there are some cool components and tools but at the end of the day they are just servers like any other provider big and small have. That’s why hosting a single instance WordPress app in Amazon is just a waste of money, as bandwidth is many times more expensive there, and sometimes outright inferior like their LightSail product. The cloud is overkill if your app is not engineered to take advantage of scalability. If the small hosting providers are claiming cloud servers but they don’t offer tools and components to auto scale like hourly pricing and APIs to spin out, then they are most likely just BSing you and trying to sell you the marketing term.

Best Cloud Hosting WordPress:

Instead Of Going With Cloud Hosting go with something dedicated to WordPress if you only have a few sites, like WPengine for example. Otherwise, there is always Vultr if your slightly more technical. There are services like CloudWays that manage a Vultr instance if it’s too technical, makes the whole process much more simple.

Cloud Hosting With cPanel:

Thanks to MDDHOSTING for all their hard work and transparency as a cloud hosting provider with cPanal. MDDHosting also Offer LetsEncrypt one click install? Check your cPanel to easily get started and setup automatic SSL renewal. You will got better tech support with MDDHosting for your websites, This is expected, considering their thinner clients base.

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