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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )

Divi Theme Review:  Pros & Cons of DIVI WordPress Theme

Divi Theme Review: Pros & Cons of DIVI WordPress Theme

Every WordPress Theme And Page Builder has its place & So is DIVI. The other builders are good for specific reasons. Divi is good for specific reasons. I will say this, Divi is hands down the best investment I’ve made in my business. Has paid for itself many times over within the first few months. The really good community in FB groups for Divi that most of the builders don’t quite have. It’s a good theme.

Divi is a theme as well as a plugin (builder) if you build a page with Divi and then abandon Divi, the page may not display correctly. Note that when using the Divi theme and going to another theme that is not using Divi the site will appear broken. Whereas using the Divi builder plugin this should not be the case.

Faq about the Divi theme

How much does Divi theme cost?

There is two different pricing plan available to buy Divi theme. Yearly Access costs $89 per year and Lifetime Access costs $249.

Is Divi a good WordPress theme?

Divi definitely had an issue with speed for a long time, and it gets compounded with other issues. However, they recently released an update to alleviate their page speed issues a little and there are techniques you can take to improve speed. It’s probably still disadvantageous, but it’s not as bad as it formerly was. I get good speed with Divi (95-99 mobile and desktop) with Wp Rocket and short pixel to optimize images and host them on CDN. Oxygen I don’t know maybe better but I feel comfortable with Divi as a cost effective option.

Is Divi theme good for SEO?

Divi Theme doesn’t affect SEO, might affect your load time though with the extra requests. Any difference probably wouldn’t be that noticeable though. Speed is really important, for SEO, but also for the visitors. At the end it is all coding, so every site can be really fast. Try a PHP cache first, it will take the ‘first time byte’ from 2-4 sec to 0.2-0.4 sec.

What Is The Best Hosting Provider For Divi Websites?

I recommend Vultr or Cloudways. Cloudways offer Vultr and DigitalOcean service, but it has a built-in advanced Control Panel, really appreciate it.

Divi vs Elementor?

I tried both. DIVI is easy to use but Elementor is more customizable. However, I prefer Beaver Builder.

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What is the capital of Egypt? ( Cairo )