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Avada WordPress Theme Review

Avada WordPress Theme Review

Avada is widely regarded in the WP community as a slow, bloated theme. I personally don’t agree with that and like Avada, but I see tons of people say it.

A lot of the people who trash Avada haven’t really given it a proper look. In past years in hadn’t been one of my preferred themes when it had gotten a bit dated compared to the competition. But versions 5 and 6 have brought huge improvements and it is a fantastic theme now. I wasn’t a big fan of the old builder although it was OK, the new fusion builder is great.

I have been working with Avada and other WordPress themes for several years. Avada has a lot of advantages. I look critically at the fusion builder because that’s not a standard. At one point, however, the criticism of AVADA has justified: the speed. Avada is very slow. Since the speed of a website is very important to google, the lame speed of Avada is a real problem. Even if you run Avada with very few plugins – it remains slow. Although this is often criticized, theme fusion does not provide a solution. It would be desirable if ThemeFusion specifically defined the requirements for the avada hosting server. I also think that the Avada code could be optimized in terms of speed. Google Pagespeed Insights finds many bugs that block rendering.

If your a small business and service your own website the learning curve is steep. It takes time that could be used for revenue generation versus learning and web development. Even simple tasks like pointing to a different URL in the drop-down menu takes time to learn. AVADA becomes more expensive for an agency because you have to hire a techie for so many issues to include SEO issues so it gets along properly with Google scans and maintains web speed.

Well, I agree on the speed issue. Even having a quite lean site with blog articles and nicely optimized image sizes GTMetrix still shows that speed is an issue if you focus on quick websites. There might be some solutions for that but that will go deeper beyond the average user knowledge. You can install WPRocket in order to show cached content for visitors not logged in. But still, Avada is an amazing theme with great possibilities.

FAQ Avada Theme

How much does Avada cost?

Avada single license on ThemeForest costs $60. It comes with lifetime updates with six months of support, for an additional $18 the support can be extended to 12 months.

What is Avada theme?

Avada is multipurpose visual front-end editing theme to create WordPress websites. Avada is the #1 WordPress theme on ThemeForest for more then 7 years.

Is Avada good?

I did the multi builder thing for a minute, before much of the new customization features were available in Avada 6.1+. There are some really nice features that Avada doesn’t have yet, but it ended up much easier to manage sticking with Avada and no other builder comes close when it comes to WCAG. I was fortunate not to have any errors or long-term issues.

Is Avada theme slow?

Every theme has issues and every page builder is bloated. It all depends on your skills how far you can optimize your website…
Done right, you can make an Avada site load in 1 second. There are PLENTY of Avada websites with great load times and very high scores on GTMetrix and the like. It’s not just the theme, but also your hosting environment and what you put into it. It’s very easy to blame the theme, but most of the time, it’s the way the theme has been implemented that is the issue.

Is Avada theme good for SEO?

There are so many things that affect SEO, yes sure speed is one of them, but it’s small. It helps a users experience more than SEO. Things I would suggest rectifying first, SSL certificate on your site, not having one will be far more detrimental than any gains you will see in speed. Get a decent host. Pretty much all my sites load in under 0.7 seconds, with no Avada features switched off, and no caching plugin. Learn more about SEO, engaging unique content will again give you far more benefit. If you want a good starting point, search Hobo SEO. Shaun is highly respected in the International SEO community. He gives away an amazing amount of useful, practical advice.

How do I speed up Avada Theme?

PHP version is probably the biggest and quickest change I’ve seen for speed improvement. One of the first things you need to do for good Avada performance is to turn off the features you are not using. There are two places to do this — Avada Options and Builder options.

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